Letter ID: 1198
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.353r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1198/008
Date: 02 November 1592
Note: The last line of the letter runs perpendicular in the left hand margin.
Copy of: 0423



Later Addition: 2 November To my L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. being charged againe by my LL. of the Councel, to send away the troupe of Sir Nicholas Parker, I have sent heere inclosed mine answear unto them: which your L. will vouchesafe to accompany with suche mater, as I have formerly signified, and to certifie my care, to accomplishe whatsoever is required at my handes. Sins I writte my last unto your L. the 25 of October Sir Thomas Shirleis Deputie hath send me worde, that the shippers of Ze- land doe flatly refuse to be hired for Jerdsey: for which he should be forced to repaire into England, for some further direction. By whome I humbly beseeche yow, that I may by order /letter/ be advertised, what orders are sette downe. I shall be able thereby both to notifie the same, when I deale with the states which I could not doe hitherto (for that my /mine owne I have no/ instructions were alwaies /but onely/ for Caen) and likewise to Sir Nicholas Parker, and give him for many thinges a sounder addresse. For otherwise as nowe, I am nether in- formed in time /convenient/ of suche alterations nor in particular maner, and by privat letters onely, without war- rant sufficient to proceede upon it. The Coun- cel of Estate hath made a newe proposition to the generall states, to the self same effect, as they did the last yere, for the raising of our extraordinary contribution of 90 thousand poundes sterling, to be im- ploied the next yer /sommer/ in the service of the contrey. For this they promise to leavie 3000 footmen and three or 400 hundred horse. Among their other inducements to winne the people to their purpose, they allege alleage the withdrawing of these troupes of her Majestie. The propostion is made to the assemblie that is heere, but /and/ is by them to be presented to every several Province. but by common conjecture it will not be resolved these 2 or 3 monethes. &c.