Letter ID: 1192
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.336r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1192/008
Date: 07 October 1592
Note: On fol.336 there is the signature 'WW'.



Later Addition: 7 October To Sir Thomas Bodly

Sir. I never herd from yowe since yowe advertised me of your dealinge with the States for the supplie of the Englishe forces that showld be taken owt of Berghen, neither have I hard from Berghen that our forces weare gonn, onelie the Gouvernor theare wroate that theie weare readie to depart assone as he might have anie supplie of the States, which hath been a vearie dowbtfull matter to make accompt of, neither have I hard what is becumm of Sir Nicholas Parkers making of his band, whearein it semed by your lettres theare weare two impedimentes. The one an Intercession of the Comte Maurice to have him staie, wheareunto hir Majestie will in noe sort agree, and so she saith you might have awnsweared the Comte, withowt geving eare to his request: The second impediment, was for that he had noe imprest which was a reasonable demaund, And therefore order is geven to Sir Thomas Sherleis Deputie to cawse him to have a good imprest delivered to him towardes his Journeie. Theare was a third matter alledged in your lettre, which was that a good nomber of his band are men of that Cuntrie birthe, and manie of themm married and thearefore refusinge, or unwillinge to goe: with which allegacion hir Majestie was ernestlie offended, alledging that it was prohibited to have anie strangers in Bandes, and that she was abused in suffering anie such: But I told hir as I thinke it is trewe, that theare have been an allowance of six in a band / Besides this hir Majestie remem- bred a late order geven, that whosoever showlde goe in this jour- neie havinge had his paie, that theie showld not onelie be dischar- ged owt of hir paie, and the Arrerage of anie thinge due unto them: but if they weare hir subjectes theie showld not be suffred to enter into anie other paie in that Cuntrie: heareof hir Majestie chargeth yowe to take Care to see it executed, and to advertise hir by your lettres what yowe shall doe thearein / At this present I have not herd of the approache of Sir Francis Veeres Companies to Flusshinge, but that theie weare shipped at Dort, or sum other place to cumm downe to Flusshinge: but yet I well hope thowgh wee have herd nothinge of this matter, that theie are before this time shipped at Flusshinge, for soe doth hir Majestie make Accompt / Hir Majestie hath written a lettre to the States generall which I send yow hearewith, to provoke them to continue their shippinge which they alreadie have in the West partes, so as theie maie still joine with hir Majesties shippinge on the Coast of Britaigne, and that fol.336v
theie would send sum more thither, to joine with hir Majesties fleet which also she will increase, havinge theare alreadie vj or vij when she shall understand what nomber theie will send / Yowe maie move them the rather by alledging unto them that theie maie safelie serve in thos Seas thowgh it be in winter time, bicawse in all Tempestes they shall have the Harborowghes of England for their savetie./ And so having noe other present occasion at this time, but to send yowe the letter of the States, I leave to trowble yowe anie further From the Cort at Denham this vijth of October 1592. Your vearie Lovinge frend./ William Burghley

Postscript: a part of a [remayn] of our soldiors in britayn, in the absence of Sir John Norryce and Sir Henry Norryce, have bene surprised in a villadg, though the [privat] [Maior] had knolledg of the enemyes intent which he wold not beleve. and so soddenly they war all forced to yeld with Conditions that the officers only shuld be prisoners. but in [.] agaynst all fayth they slew the soldiors and kept the [officers] prisoners. I know this may discomfort the nombers neer [gayg] but at this present sendeth on thowsand mo to increass the army ther