Letter ID: 1186
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.291r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1186/008
Date: 05 September 1592



Endorsed: From my L. Thresorer 5 of September 1592



Later Addition: 5 September To Master Bodly

After my lettres wrytten yesternight, and not sent from hence this mornyng, I receaved your lettres of the 29 of 7br from the hage. wherby I understood, of Sir Francis veres coming into Zelland, with your opinion that his nombers war imbarked, but therof I have at this tyme hard nothyng of the 4 Compagnyes gon from berghen, and of 2 Companyes stayd I also understood. but to procure those 2 Companyes to depart, what so ever the states of Zeland will do, I pray yow chardg the Tresorers depute to stey that [bendyng] and so shewyng yow how by these your later lettres, I am better informed, than I was yesterday when I wrote my other lettres. but I here nothyng what becometh of Sir Nicholas parkers band/ From the Court at Denham the 5 of 7br 1592 Your loving frend William Burghley