Letter ID: 1185
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.290r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1185/008
Date: 09 September 1592



Endorsed: Copie of a letter to Sir Ed. Norreis September 9 1592



Later Addition: 1592 9 September To Sir Edward Norris

Sir. The Enemy being at Coevoerden in that strength that you have heard, and with that intent, as you may conceave, by his desparat comming upon our trenches, it was nether possible to drawe away those troupes, which you doe require, nor the rest that are named to be sent for France, but with extremitie of danger, both to them that should retire, and to all the whole army. Now that Coevoerden is ours, Sir Francis Vere is returned, and as soone as the companies, which are preparing at this present to marche towardes Zeland, shall be arrived at Flushing, those that are appointed by order of her Majestie shall presently be sent you. I have also dealt with the states, by way of pubicke proposition, to assist you with some nombers of their owne people, as well for the strengthning of the towne as of the haven and all that coast of Flanders, but they will acknowledge no neede of any such succours, answering onely, that they will have that care that is fitte, for the preservacion of the towne, when the Enemies attempts shall so require. I have shewed Master Danckert the copies in writing of my proposition and their answear unto it. Thus desirous to understand of your better disposition of health, then it seemeth you had at the writing of your last, I bidde most hartely farewell. Hage. September 9 1592.