Letter ID: 1181
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.285r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1181/008
Date: 31 August 1592
Copy of: 0413



Later Addition: Belgia 1592 31 August To my L Treasurer

May it please your good L. Heere are letters from the campe, by which we are advertised, that the army of the Enemie is come neere unto Count Maurice, with in lesse then half a legue, and lodged very strongly, expecting further forces. The Count therupon doth solicit by his letters, which he sendes abroad to every Province, to be presently assisted with all the aide that can be spared. It is not muche that they can spare, but what the contrey shall be able, will be sent with all diligence: aswel to give him greater strength, if the Enemie should charge him, as to assure the frontier places against any enterprise. In effect it is thought that there are, or will be shortly, accounting horse and foote, between ten and eleven thousand. The states that are heere, and likewise the Councel that continueth at Swol, which is distant from the campe about two daies jorney, are greatly troubled with this mater: the more a great deale, for that Count Maurice in this siege, hath taken contrary courses to their special directions. The chiefetaines of the Enemie are men of fame and great /knowen/ experience, that, Count Hohenlo excepted, we have none of like account: so as mst men are persuaded, that as- well /both/ for their credit, and for /the/ reskuing of Coevoerden, they will not part from our campe without geving some attempt, to trie the courage and valor and conduct of Count Maurice. I am buisied at this present to procure a pardon of the states, for the 33 Englishe sea men, which are in prison for piracie in Enchusen and Amsterdam, and for whome your L. of late hath written unto me. Howe I fol.285v

Endorsed: To [[.]] August 31 by Garrelson

have proceeded, and what I have obtened, I should but trouble yow with rehersal, not having yet brought it to a full resolution. They were all of them condemned, before your letter came unto me, but yet I hope this intercession will enlarge the greater mul- titude. At this very instant, and the wri- ting heerof, we have certaine intelligence /letters/ from the Campe, that the 28 of this moneth, about 4 of the clocke in the morning, the Enemie came upon us with a wonderfull furie, and entred /brake into/ our trenches with a but was valiantly replused, with the slaughter of many spaniardes, wch had the vantgard of the troupes, and with the losse on our side /among ours/ of one onely man. Count William in the conflict, receaved some hurt, but without any danger: and the Enemie is reti- red, but whether it is not signified. For the lres were written by some that were then present, and for hast of sending first omitted many particularities: which I thought notwithstanding would deserve to be reported in suche sort as we have it. And so &c.