Letter ID: 1179
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.283r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1179/008
Date: 26 August 1592



Later Addition: 1592 27 August To Master Bodly.

By the Queene:

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbelovid we greet you well. Since our last lettres unto you for the speedie sending awaie of the sixtene Bandes of footemen into Fraunce, which with other nombers shall make 4000 footemen in Bretaigne we have thought it verie necessarie to have to serve with so manie footemen, one bande of an hundred horsemen, to be sent also thether for the necessarie service and succour of our said footemen And therfore have determined, that either Sir John Pooley, or Sir Nicholas Parker, wherof either of them have in charge and paie, one hundred horsemen, shall with one of their bandes or with so manie, as shall make a bande of one hundred, passe over into Fraunce with the said footemen, or assone after as they can. And because we are not certaine howe theis two have their bandes furnished, to be readie for this service: (although we thinke neither of them can alledge anie reasonable cause of their want): We will and commaunde you, to send for them bothe, speedelie unto you, and imparte this our determinacion unto them, and charge them in our name, that one of them do prepare their bande, being in charge of one hundred, saving the allowaunce of their dead paie, to passe over into France, as our footemen are appointed, with the said nombre of one hundred horsmen. And if it shold so fall out (which we shold have cause gretlie to mislike) that neither of them alone, can be able to furnish the said full nomber: then rather, then the service shold not be performed, we will you in our name, to commaund anie one of them two, to passe over with suche nomber, as anie of them have, and can carrie out of that Cuntrie, and that the other of the said two Captaines, that shall not take this Journey, shall deliver to him that shall goe, in the same, so manie of his bande, as shalbe sufficientlie furnished with horse and Armor to make up, the full nomber of an hundred horse, saving the dead paies, to serve with him as you shall uppon good consideracion finde the metest man to be comaunded in our name. And this our determinacion you shall deliver to them booth by speeche in our name, and also by shewing to them this our comaundement in writing, and if anie of them bothe shall refuse, or delaie the execucion of this service, you shall declare unto them, that the partie refusing, shalbe for ever shutt out of our wages, and incurre our further displeasure, according to the quallitie of their offence. And for the nominacion and election, of the partie of theis two, whom you shall thinke mete to take the charge upon him, you maie use the advise of Sir Frauncis Veere yf convenientlie without delaie of time, you maie receyve his opinion theruppon. And theise our lettres shalbe your sufficiente warrante in this behalf. Gyven under our Signet at Ramsbury the xxvijth day of August 1592. In the xxxiiijth yere of our raigne.