Letter ID: 1174
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.273r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1174/008
Date: 11 August 1592
Copy of: 0410


Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer August 11 1592 by G Lover



Later Addition: 1592 xj August To my L. Treasurer by G Lover

May it please your good L. I know not who had undertaken the conveyance of your lettre of the 29 of the last. It was sent me out of Zeland, and brought me but to day, by a post of this contrie, who knewe not the partie that delivered it unto him. Which I thought somewhat requisit to signifie to your L. because I had some lettres of the very same date, which were written me from London, and delivered to my hands above six dayes before.

Moreover your L. maketh mention of a lettre from her Majestie to the States of this contrey, which was dispatched from the Court about 3 dayes before, which is not yet come hither. I have sent at this present a messenger of purpose, to adver- tise Sir Francis Vere, what your L. hath written for giving warning to the Captaines to keepe theyr companies in a readines: wherin I assure my self for them, that they will shewe no kinde of backwardnes. And though I make full account, that the States will shewe no willingnes, yet to speake what I conjecture, I thinke by way of sufferance, they will licence them to passe. For besides that they expect their forces out of France, with the very first winde, which will quickly be renforced to double the number, there are already come to Sheremberg in the countie of Zu/t/phen, of the ensiegnes they have raised in the countrey of Juliers, a 1000 men: and there are as many coming after, of the selfe same levie: that I see no colour for the states to pretend themselves to be disfournished.

Having sent one unto you abowt two dayes past and no occurrence comming sins, that may deserve a long[[er]] letter, I take my humble leave. At the Hage. August 11 [[1592]]