Letter ID: 1172
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.270r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1172/008
Date: 04 August 1592



Later Addition: 1592 4 August To Master Bodly

Sir. I have often written unto yowe of late, concerning this mat[[ter]] of putting the Quenes companies to in order to be sent awaie: & nowe yowe shall receive hearewith hir Majesties lettres to the states absolutelie de claringe hir pleisure, notwithstandinge anie allegacion made or to be made or notwithstanding the word of Cavillacion grownded uppon the worde Pourveu in hir Majesties former lettre; which thowgh it was not soe well translated owt of the Englishe as was ment, yet the whole Content of yt, for from the beginning theare was never request of the staie of the men longer, nor hir Majesties yelding thereto, but untill the siege of Stenwick weare at an ende, and so I hope nowe by hir Majesties former letters, and by thes present, they will depart from that pretext of there staie: and therefore I praie yowe nowe proceade with them absolutelie, that theie maie be licensed to cumm to the Sea side, so as the Cumpanies under Sir Francis Veere maie be drawen towardes Zeland, for which purpose order is geven for shipping to be readie abowt the xxvth of this moneth, But yet untill a newe warninge be geven theie are not to be shipped, wheareof yowe shall by my next understand a finall ende, for that the same doth depend uppon an awnsweare that will looke howerlie to have owt of France: wheareof I praie yowe so to advertize Sir Francis Veere, and require him to putt his Companies in as great readines as he cann, both for their nombers, and their Armes: and to require him to advertise the nombers of all the Bandes that shall cumm from him, as of late yowe did send mee the musters of Berghen, by which yt appeared the Bandes weare reasonablie full, not wanting in six Cumpanies above 45 but I cannot looke for such an Accompt from Sir Francis Veere, considering theie have been in Action, and deminished by sicknes, deathe, and such like: But yt shall be neadefull that yowe doe advertise with speed hether, what the defectes shall be in his Bandes, bicawse sum order maie be geven to supplie them from here which shall be sent to be added unto them at their arrivall at Caen to which place it is ment all thes supplies shall be transported./ I doe herewith send unto yowe the Copie of the Q. lettre, the better to informe yowe howe to deale with them. Monsieur de Caron is to depart from hence within thes 2 or 3 daies sent for as he saith by the states, but to what ende I doe not knowe./ Thes my lettres I doe deliver to Sir Thomas Sherley, whoe will send them as he saith by the post./ From Westminster this forth of August. 1592. Your very loving frend William Burghley.