Letter ID: 1170
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.265r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1170/008
Date: 03 August 1592
Note: On fol.265r there is the signature 'LL'.



Later Addition: 1592 3 August To Master Bodly

Righte worshipfull. upon consideration of your letters of the 24th of the last monthe, we have resolved to followe your advice for wrytinge unto the states copy whereof we send yow hereinclosed: of our former agreement we coulde wishe diverse thinges were reformed, but being out of hope thereof, and forced with the tyme to yeild to some Inconvenience, we desire onely, that the terme of eleven monthes appointed by the states for bringing in certificate (which we take to be to longe and unreasonable) may for the reasons by us set downe be reduced to a more reasonable and shorter tyme, as to six monthes, yf yt be possible: for those twoe pointes which were referred and yet are in the states determination, we require for the first, that all tare may be made in one Towne, and for the second that we may have our advise and consent in the choosinge and placing of the Tare maisters./ These twoe thinges yf we may obtaine (with the reformation of eleven monthes) other inconveniences whatsoever woulde be more easily borne: And why we would have the states proceed in this sorte, we have also sent yow our reasons here withall, which we hope with your good aide will prevaile [somuche] as that this matter wilbe passed with our least grievance and hinderance, which God graunt to whose blessed Conductive and keeping we commend yow: From Middelburch the third of Auguste. 1592./ Your lovinge freendes to comaunde The Deputy Associates and Generality of the Merchant Adventurers. Thomas Ferrers Deputy