Letter ID: 1169
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.264r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1169/008
Date: 28 July 1592
Note: On fol.264r the signature 'MM' has been expunged and replaced with 'Kk'.



Later Addition: [[Ju]]ly [[To Master]] Bodly

Sir. As yowe did gesse, so have the States written their letters, browght hither by Caron, whearein theie have onelie used that Cavillacion that yowe did suspect, uppon a word putt in by Master Windebank, which was pourveu, wheareas in deade the whole scoape of the lettre doth showe that uppon the rendringe of Stenwick, hir Majestie resolved hir forces showld depart thence to goe into Britaigne, for soe hir Majesties wordes of hir lettre weare, in this sort: And therefore uppon this report of the rendringe of Stenwick whearebie your Armie maie be nowe safelie dissolved, which cowld be noe otherwise ment than to be dissolved from the siege of Stenwick, and according to that sense hir hir Majestie hath written hir second lettres to the States, resolutelie to have the Companies to cumm, which I dowbt not but yowe shall have received: and so hir Majesties pleisure us yowe shall, withowt anie further debatinge of this matter pro- ceade to the effect of hir former Commaundments: and soe hath hir Majestie also satisfied Monsieur de Caron, and hath geven order to make awnsweare to their late letters, which within a daie or too I shall send yowe assone as theie be signed: But yet in the meane season hir Majestie hath willed mee to write unto yowe, that she will not be intreated by anie reasons or Arugmentes to be diswaded from this purpose, the matters standing in Britaigne in suche dangerous termes as they doe./

This daie I have recevid a lettre of yours dated the xixth of this moneth, by which yt appeareth yowe have delt privatelie with sum theare, declaring in vearie good sort a great nomber of good rea- sons to move hir Majestie to persist in this demaund: And thowgh in the ende yowe dowbt the states will not willinglie assent, yet havinge absolute direccion from hir Majestie, theie will be Content withowt further opposicion: and so I hope uppon the sight of hir Majesties lettre which I sent 3 daies past unto yowe theie will (thowgh not with good will, yet for their dueties sake) theie will consent to the purpose: and for the further urging them theareunto, theare is an other lettre to them from hir Majestie vearie peremptorie, in a manner charging them to see hir Majesties purpose executed./ I wishe yowe to make Sir Francis Veere acquainted with hir Majesties absolute resolucion, whoe I dowbt not but will further the execucion thereof to the best of his power: and yt weare necessary that in the meane season, yowe would procure every Capteine or principall officers of the Bandes that shall goe, or else the mustermasters in the quarter, to sett downe the strength of their Bandes, and to certefy the same with speed hether, remembring thearewith the former orders geven fol.264v
that if anie of the Bandes would withdrawe themselves f[rom] service uppon pretence that theie were maried in that Cuntrie, or [.] withowt vearie lawfull and necessary excuse theie would seeke to tarry [.] thence: order showld be geven preciselie to Casse them and putt them owt of paie. Hereof yowe maie doe well speedelie to advertise Sir Francis Veere for his Bandes, and Sir Thomas Morgan for his Bandes: and so I will also geve knowledge to Sir Robert Sidneie for his Bandes. Praieng yowe from time to time to advertise mee of your proceadinges, for I thinke by my next yowe shall have the Q. resol[ute] pleisure to send them all awaie to the Sea side, for which purpose at this present Sir Thomas Sherly, sendeth order to make provision of shippinge, which I thinke will be both difficile and chargeable, but yet yt must be attempted./ From the Court at Grenwych. 28 Julij 1592. Your assured loving frend William Burghley