Letter ID: 1161
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.256r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1161/008
Date: 21 July 1592
Note: There is a signature on the middle base edge of f.256r.


fol. 256r
After our hartie commendacons. Whereas Sir Thomas Baskervill Knight hathe the keepinge of the Castle of the Ramykins havinge allowaunce of a Companie of 150 which chardge before Captaine Errington had, with allowaunce by the Erle of Leicester of Twentie dead paies besides the xvten that are ordynarilie allowed in all the Footebandes in the Lowe Contryes in respect that the said Captaine had no service money as the other Companies in the Cautyonarie Townes have, which (as yet, hathe not ben allowed to this gentleman) - Because the Estates were unwillinge to yeelde to the same, For as moche as the Place ys of as greate Importaunce as the Towne of Flusshing, or anie other Fortes thereaboutes, and yt ys not possible that the place cann be maintained in good order with out some soche allowaunce; Her Majesties pleasure ys, yow shall in her Name deale very effectually withe the Estates, that they will have some extraordynarie consideracion of this Place, and that they wilbe therefore contented that there maie either allowaunce be made to the said Captaine of these Twentie deade paies besides the ordynarie Nomber of xvten or els that he maie have soche service money as ys dystrybuted to the other Companies in Flushinge, beinge otherwyse no waies hable to maintaine the saide Bande withe out his greate chardge and Losse. And yf they shall not lyke to yeelde to this Reasonable demaunde, Then yow maie deale with them to permytt the saide Captaine of the Ramykins to take somme soche Reasonable Toale of the Shippes that passe by that Forte, or shall move there, as maie Countervaile the service money.

Herein wee are to Require yow to use /all/ goode parswations bothe in respect of the Importaunce of the Place, and regarde of the Gentleman that hathe (as he faithefullie protestethe unto us) sustained greate losse by the same, whiche maie Induce the Estates to yeelde theire Consentes by somme of these Three meanes to Inhable him to maintaine his Companie in good order fol.256v

Endorsed: Master Bodley

Endorsed: Waad

for the better defence of the said Place, and to certyn [[.]] theire Answere and Resolution. So wee bidd yow verie hartelie [[fare-]] well. From the Court at Greenewhich the 21th of July. 1592 Your verie Lovinge freindes John Puckering William Burghley Charles Howard Cobham Buckhurst Robert Cecil John Wolley Fortescue