Letter ID: 1155
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.243r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1155/008
Date: 02 July 1592



Later Addition: [[To Master]] Bodly

Sir. Yowe shall soe largelie understand hir Majesties intention by hir letters sent at this time, as I shall not neade to write at much length unto yowe: but /yet/ this I must add unto it, that hir Majestie expecteth at your handes that yowe will so deale with the states and the Counsell that in noe wise this hir Majesties purpose for the drawing of thes Cumpanies from thence, maie be for anie allegacion delaied, aswell for the necessitie of the service for the publique weale which at this time will be greatlie endangered, if the French Kinge be not releved: as for the promise that the F. Quene hath at this time made with the Frenche Kinges Ambassador Monsieur de Sonoy, purposelie sent for yt: so as in vearie trewthe hir Majesty maie not receive deniall by the states, or delaie by hir owne Capteines and subjectes,/ I praie yowe also to enquire of newe and to rectefie mee the trewthe what the States will yeld unto for [ordre] of the Frenche K. with men both by land and by sea, as certaine monethes past theare was an offer made by them: but speaking with Monsieur de Caron theareof I can finde noe certainetie and therefore I require yowe with speed to deale hearein, and to reduce the States to summ benefitiall offer for the King. And so for this time wanting leisure to write at more length unto yowe, I vearye hartelie Commend mee to yowe./ From the Cort at Grenewich this second of Julie. 1592./ Your very loving frend William Burghley