Letter ID: 1146
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.219r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1146/008
Date: 09 June 1592
Note: On fol.219r there is the signature 'Bb'.
Copy of: 0395


May it please your good L. Because I doe assure my self that the occurrences of the Campe are advertised from those, that are actors there in place, I showld but trouble your L. with speeches that goe heere which are oftentimes uncertaine. But yet to signifie in generall what is written from thens. The batterie began the 3 of this moneth, and were bestowed to the number of 5000 shotte but all in a manner cast away: partly by reason of the hight of the Counterscarffe, and partly through the strenght of the ramparts of the towne, which were both very large and firnely compact of tough and solide mater. They failed also in their sapping, by meanes of stony places, that stopped their passage. Howebite they attempt it againe in an other quarter and have devised other stratagemes: which will cost many lives howsoever they take effect: And if nothing will prevaile to the winning of the place, it is commonly supposed that wee shall then have an ende of this sommers exploites: which will offer an opportunitie to have her Majesties last demaunde solicited a freshe, if they present estate of the King doe require it wherein your L. will vouchesafe to certifie her pleasure. I neede not signifie unto yow the grievous complaint of the marchantes of Zeland, upon the taking of their shippe, that came newly out of Spaine: whereof the states of that Pro- vince have written to her Majestie. But yet the copie of their complaint, because it is indited in cholericke tearmes, and with shewe of great dislike of the courses that are taken in their causes in England, and for that I stand in some doubt, it is not otherwise sent your L. I have inclosed in this letter, together with a copie of the mariners depositions Moreoever the states of Zeland have written letters hither to request the General states, to joine with them in this suite, for the intreating of her Highnes to cause a present resititution of the goods of the foresaide marchantes: which hath bin imparted all unto me, by certaine deputies of the fol.219v

Endorsed: To my L. [[Tresurer]] 9 June 1592

states, that were appointed this morning, to repaire unto [me] about it, and to require my assistaunce. Who have told [me] in what [tune] they finde the marchauntes of these contreis an[d] how greatly it doth behoove in regard that they are many a[.] are the chiefest contributors to the charges of these warrres, [.] prevent in good time, that there come no mischief of this mate[r] between the Englishe and Zeland marchants, or other daung[e] rows alteration in the affaires of this state. I omitted no endevor to persuade them with good speeches, that her Majestie would give order for the hearing of their cause with equitie and favo[r] and I moved them the while to seeke to moderate, as they might, the passionat proceeding of the marchants that com[-] plained: which I thought very needfull to advertise with speede. Hage. June 9 1592.