Letter ID: 1143
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.207r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1143/008
Date: 09 May 1592



Later Addition: [To Master] Bodly

Master Bodley, if it had not bene for a message which I receyved from Master Gilpin I had soddenly uppon the Receyte of your Letter followed your Cownsell, but because his man towld me that within three or fower dayes I showld Receyve letters from the states I have hetherto differed my Goeing, but in truthe I shall not be alle to tarrye longe by reason of the Extree me Charges that the place bringethe I pray you therfore let me heare from you what you think assoone as may be, so thanking you for your letter and assuring you, that I will requite your Good dealinges with all the best offices I can parfourme, I will committ you to God: from Middelburg this xi May 1592 Your very assured [[frend Edward Norris]]

Postscript: I pray you Comend me to Master Gilpin to whome I meane to wryte by his man: