Letter ID: 1141
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.205r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1141/008
Date: 08 May 1592


Sir Your last lettres came yesterdaie to my handes dated the first of this moneth, which hir Majestie reading dilligentlie hir self, greatlie commended your stowte and plaine dealinge with Buzenval, and thereof she made the Frenche Ambassador acquainted whoe affirmed that he made noe mencion to Buzenvall of yow but onelie that hir Majestie was so advertised of his backwardnes: And bicawse I have noe leisure at this present to write anie further to the Contentes of this your lettre, I doe remitt yowe wholie to hir Majesties lettre sent at this time, and to the perusall of a Copie of hir lettre to the States, by both which yowe maie largelie understand hir Majesties purpose at this time, which I hope, I neade not require yowe to further more, than the Cawse it self doth necessarelie require: And further I referre yowe to such informacons as Master Burnham shall geve yowe nowe from Flushinge, whoe is sent thither, with hir Majesties lettres to Sir Robart Sidneie, Sir Thomas Morgan, Sir Francis Veere, Sir Edward Norris, and yourself: and with the lettres also to the States, which he will send yowe./ Hir Majestie would have yowe to be ernest with the States for the suspencion of the Placart for the taringe of the Englishe Cloathes, after yowe have received informacion from them, what reasons theie have to impugne that placart, which as yowe shall perceive by the late part of hir Majesties lettres is probablie towched and I thinke to be verefied by all former Ancient usages, and by spetiall wordes of the treatie of the Entercorse: of all which the Merchantes I am sure will geve yowe due informacion. And so being sorie to ende with that which is trewe that hir Majestie readinge your request to retorne hether, hathe willed mee to require yowe not to desire yt untill the ende of this sommer, for that she [seeth] even nowe the harvest of publicque affayres is begonne./ From westminster this viijth of Maye. 1592 Your verie Loving frend William Burghley

Postscript: I wish to hear of some good success of Enchusen and am sorry, for the daunger of the honest burgess that hesardes his lyff at stenwyck