Letter ID: 1139
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.200r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1139/008
Date: 05 May 1592


Sir. Your last letters comen to my hands are of the xxvjth of the last moneth, whearewith yowe sent a letter unto hir Majestie for awnsweare to a matter longe a goe proposed concerning the Comerce and Trade with the Ennemie: but howe theie have awnsweared it I knowe not, bicawse I have not delivered the letter at the present writing: but if theie shall continue soe free a kinde of trafficque as theie doe theie shall make [warre] with one hand and peace with the other, wheareas hir Majestie is forced, followinge the forme of the Contract, by makinge warre with both hir handes: but hereof I can write noe more untill hir Majestie have perused the letter./

As to the other matter for the execucion of soe vigorous a placart against our marchantes Cloathes theare, in which matter theie have written at great length, thowgh contentiouslie, whearewith hir Majestie is noe waies satisfied as I think by sum letter from hir Majestie will shortlie appeare, & thowgh theie have yelded to have the matter to be refered to Committees, yet it weare reason in the meane season that execucion of the placart might cease, untill the Commissioners appointed on both partes maie make sum good ende thearein: and soe the marchantes shall thinke themselves beholdinge unto yowe, if yowe shall procure such a [surceance:] and assone as I can have anie leisure with hir Majestie, I will procure hir Majesties lettres to the same effect./

I perceive that hir Majesties lettres of the xvijth came not to your handes untill the xxvjth, which I thinke hath hapned by the Contrarietye of windes, [be sorie] thereof considering of what importance the request of hir Majestie to the States and Comte Maurice was for the aide of the Frenche K. and thowgh as yowe write that theie weare written at the time that the K. was in distresse, and that nowe at the time of your writinge yowe are advertised of the Ennemies distresse, whearebie yowe woulde have mee conjecture that theie will delaie theire awnsweare, yet such is the [state] both of the Frenche K. and the Ennemie at this present that thowgh the Ennemie indeade be driven to sum streightes, yet the oportunitie of the aide at this present time is such as woulde make a full ende of the Cawse to the good of the K. and the ruin of the Ennemy. And therefore there was never greate occasion to prosper the K. estate than is even nowe to have him further succoured, whoe thought he be Superior to his Ennemie in horsemen, yet not equall in footemen, wherby the Ennemie takinge advantages of grownde and places is likely to pressure himself sum time from the Battell, which the Frenche K. is fol.200v
readie everie daie to offer him, and therebie shall be forced [[to]] deminishe his Armie: the onelie polecie of the Ennemie to re[[.]] self at this time./ And thus occasioned for or Merchantes Cow[[.]] write with speed I make an ende of further writing. From [[.]] this vth of Maye. 1592.