Letter ID: 1133
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.180r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1133/008
Date: 22 April 1592
Copy of: 0387



Later Addition: [[Bel]]gia [[Ap]]rill [[To my]] L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. where I writte unto you last, the 7 of this moneth: that the states had resolved to doe somewhat in Britaine, it was a matter so concluded in their secret assemblie, and not imparted as yet to the Councel of Estate. For I had knowledge of their purpose by meanes of a freinde. Howebeit Master Barnevelt by appointment of the states came yesterday unto me, and declared their intention: whereof in their behalf he was willed to request me, to advertise her Majestie. For though they purpose of themselves to send a messenger unto her, yet their meaninge is first, to sounde her Highnes good likinge, by some motion in general, to induce the Provinces therby, to allowe the sooner of their doing. The effect of their designe was delivered thus unto me, That for asmuche as the Spaniard hath taken a strong footing in divers places of Britaine, with intention as it seemeth to possesse that contrey to themselves, which will presently bring the trafficke, as well of the Englishe nation, as of the people of these Provinces, and the state of both contreis into infinite perils, in that respect they thought it needfull, that they should be mightily assailed both by land and by sea, and all uppon the soddaine, without giving them the leasure to multiplie further, or to fortifie their places. For good perfourmance wherof they will be willing for their abilitie to extend it to the uttermost. They will arme for their partes 10 or 12 good shippes, and every shippe of 200 tonnes, with pro- vision convenient for so many monethes, as the service shall require. They will also take order for defraieng the charges of 2000 soul- diers and send 8 or 10 Cannons, with powder and bullet for 4000 shotte But all with condition, that her Majestie will assent, to double their proportion, or at lest to doe as muche, and half as muche againe. And likewise of the Kinge they doe require the furnish- ing of 2000 horse, 5 or 6 thowesand foote, and 8 Cannons, with a ratable quantitie of powder and bullet. With this conjunc- tion of common forces, they thinke there is apparance to subdue the Enemie very quickly. But unles her Majestie and the kinge

will come to that proportion, which they have sette downe, they [[.]] fol.180v
Provinces will be moved to doe nothing. For the place /which/ the[y desire] should be first of all attempted is Blavet, which they take to [be so] strong that it cannot be recouvered but by special force: and if [the] Spaniardes be suffered to settle there at will, they can wa[.] opportunitie to stoppe the course of all trafficke, and still [have] meanes to be relieved, both with vittuals and souldiers, out of [Spaine] and from Dunkerke. For they say that Dunkerke is sufficie[nt to] send some thirtie shippes to sea. For the time of this ser[vice] they have assigned it in July, having no commodious mean[es to] undertake it any sooner. And for the raisinge of those trou[pes] which they woulde imploie, they rest as yet uncertaine, fr[om] whens they may drawe them: wether they shall send them f[rom] hens, or take any of those which are in France already, or levi[e some] in Englande, if her Majestie be contented. But howesoever, t[hey] will take sufficient order, that their offer in that behalf shal[be] perfitly perfourmed. Your L. will vouchesafe to acquaint her [Majestie] with their motion, and to signifie with the soonest, for so they doe in[treat] what answear I shall make. April 22 1592.