Letter ID: 1132
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.179r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1132/008
Date: 28 April 1592



Later Addition: [15]92 18 Aprill To Master Bodly

Right worshipfull: this day the Magistrates of the Town sent master deputy a letter written from Master John Vande Werck, wherein he advertiseth that at your request and the Instance of the states of Zeland the states Generall had one Saturday last resolved to yeild unto a Conference about the matter of tare, but the tyme not suffring at that instant they had neither appointed their committyes, neither the place, neither the tyme of meeting, but would do yt with the first still holding their placartes undiminished and not yeelding to any thing in prejudice thereof, and the states of Zeland one the other parte abyding by their protestation against the said Placartes: wherupo[n] the Companij here desirous to have the trade opened thought good to request you to hasten the rest of the states resolution, that their committyes, with the tyme and place of meeting may be appointed forthewith, and so thereby an agreement made for the good of bothe partyes, persisting in the mean while by their right and not yeidling to the states placartes:/ Master Governor and the Company at London upon receipt of the states aunswear to her Majestyes /letters/ appointed certain from amongst them to mainteyn the truthe of their allegations, and to informe the Lordes of the Counsail of the insufficiency, and defectes of the states wryting: what yt shall pelase their Honors to determine thereof /upon/ we shall know shortly, in the mean whyle the shippes appointed for this place are stayed, and the laders in doubt what they will doe, whether send them hether or to staie: I am sory to see many honest men wronged without guilt, while the inuurious dealer serveth his own turn by this controversye: difference, and suspicion of fraudulent dealing fol.179v
hathe caused the company to do as they have d[[one]] being justly moved thereto, which being not suffi[[ciently]] provided for by the states Placartes no mer[[.]] thoughe they seek for remedy, and shun all fur[[ther]] inconveniences as much as they can:/ but the st[[ates]] having resolved upon a comunication, yf we me[[et at]] once, yt is lykely we shall not parte without some [[.]] conclusione, bothe partes being weary of the matt[[er]] and perceiving that they have donne amisse in procee[[ding]] as they have: and thus with acknowlegdment of [[.]] my duty and my humbly /humble/ thankes, for favours shew[[n]] I beseech our Lord God to send you all prosperitie. from Middelbourch the 20th of April anno 1592:/ Your worships with his service at commaundment J. Wheler