Letter ID: 1130
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.177r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1130/008
Date: 17 April 1592
Note: On fol.177r the signature 'R' has been expunged and replaced with 'S'.


[[Apri]]ll [[To Master]] Bodly Sir. At this present I have not leisure to write so much as I have cawse towchinge the subject of my letter, but briefuelie this it is: yesterdaie Monsieur de Charon, was with hir Majesty at my Sonnes howse at Wimbleton, wheare he delivered unto hir a lettre from the Generall States dated at the Haghe the xjth of this moneth by which theie gave her Majestie to understand that he had made mon- [stodane] to the Baron of Reicht, the copie wheareof put into Frenche the sent jointlie with the same letters unto hir Majestie, of which awnswere I dowbt not but yowe have been there made acquainted by the Counsell of Estate, which hir Majestie hath perused and liketh vearie well, & so by hir spetiall lettres theare dated to the states generall she hath largelie signified, and therewith hath taken occasion partlie, uppon their owne writinge, and partlie uppon hir owne Judgementes she hath advised and tould them vearie ernestlie uppon this late evill succes of the Frenche K. whearof I dowbt not but yowe shall have knowledge over soone, to request them to geve a newe aide with sum speed to the K. of the like nomber that Conte Philip hath, whome by their owne lettre theie write theie have directed to tarrie theme with his forces to the service of the King, which as their /it/ seemed theie judged necessarie, before this evill succes at Roan: so nowe for the recoverie of the K. better fortune hir Majestie thinketh theie maie be induced to assent to this hir request, wheareof hir plesure is yow showld take knowledge, and use the best meanes yowe can to further the same: And bicawse as yowe knowe the Conte Maurice maie be a hinderer theareof, hir Majestie hath written a verie ernest lettre privatlie to him: & the more to spurre him forward hir Majestie hath with hir owne hand written sum fewe lines in the bottome of his lettre in sum sort to taxe him, if he showld not have more regard herein to the publicque, then to his owne privat honnor or glorie, which wordes I will send to yowe by the next, having them not nowe readie after the sealing of the lettre, but yowe maie doe well to cause sum of your frendes to herken howe he doth accept that postscript & to advertise us./ From Westminster this xvijth of Aprill. 1592. Your verie Loving frend./ William Burghley

Postscript: I praie you Sir, move Sir Francis Veere to be a furtherer of this matter for the Quene./.