Letter ID: 1127
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.163r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1127/008
Date: 09 July 1592
Note: The first line is completed eroded.



Endorsed: William Waad

[[.]] with an Intelligence her Highnes hathe received of late of some purpose the Enemye hathe to make attempte upon the Towne of Ostende. For the better defence of which Place wee have given dyrection that the two Companies that are abroade appartayninge to that Garryson shall presentlie repaire thether, and two other from Flushinge. You shall therfore in her Majesties name require the Estates to have regarde to the saffetie of that Towne seinge the desire the enemy hathe to surprise the same, and to take presente order to sende some suche supplie thether as they shall thincke meetest to be spared for the necessarie defence of that Place, which we referre to your further discrecion as you shall have intelligence of the purpose of the Enemye to sollicite and procure accordinglie So we bid you hartlye farewell From the Court at Grenewiche the 9th of July 1592 Your verie lovinge freinds John Puckering William Burghley Charles Howard Hunnsdon Cobham Buckehurst Thomas Heneage John Wolley Fortescue