Letter ID: 1125
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.160r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1125/008
Date: 04 July 1592


[Ri]ght wurshipfull I very well parceyve of the lettres of our brethern at Middleburgh your care [.]se towardes us touchinge that weightie cause of Taringe Englishe cloathes in the [united] provynces / For which we yeild unto youe our most hartie thankes acknoledginge oure selfes [.] beholden to youe therein As that the thankfull memorie therof must remayne wth us, [out .] [.] imprynte uppon our selffes the note of fowle Ingratitude / your former kyndnes receved [.] [.]itly embolden us to laye open unto youe thestate of our cause accordinge to that we cann [.]e understande therof. First yf this matter of Tare shuld be brought unto the censur[e of the] [Tar]e masters in every towne whereunto our clothe is carryed in these provynces after the same is bough[t to] [Mi]ddleburgh as by the placarde allredy sett oute is decreed. Thereby these Tare masters shall have [.] [.]an hande over us as that thereby at their pleasure They maye eyther undoo us or compell [us to] leave or trade in those cuntreys / For when as the buyar him sellf after he hathe the clothe[s] [.] owne /house/ maye there privatelie open serche handle weete tenter & drye agayne the clothe [.] [.] he bringe it to the Tare masters howe maye he alter the clothe from that which it was when [it] [w]as sold and delyvered? So if all equyte and justice be in the Tare masters yet suche wronge maye [.] [.]ne to the clothes before it comme to their viewe & serche / as maye not only prejudice their justice [.] [.]lf intollerably domage the merchant sellar against all reason & equytie / Also many of these [Tare] masters maye be secret partners with the cloathe buyers. And then if no other meane wronge be done [.] [. c]lothe before yt comme to taringe / will there be likelyhode that the tare shalbe equall /? Also [.] [P]lacarde is restreictife & prohibytive to all free buyinge and sellinge In that it dothe restreic[t and] [pro]hibyte all thinhabytantes of those provinces to buye any englishe clothe / onles yt be with condition [that] it maye be thus tared Which is playnelie opposite to A free marte & against all thauncyent [.] [. mens] and usages of those cuntreys and directly against thentercorse / And if her Majestie in England [.] make like edict for all merchandizes of those provinces brought hither following their placard [.] [.] for woorde mutatis mutandis / in respect of the dyversitie of the merchandizes / It were but [.]talionis / yet we think the men of those provinces wold think & fynde it heavie & to heavie to be [.] [.]e / of these matters we have enlarged further to our brethern all which we knowe shalbe [.]rted to your woorship Therfore (After our Right hartie comendacions) we surcease to trouble [you] further at this present. Only wisshinge unto yow all healthe and happynes in the lorde [.] At London this 4th of Julie anno 1592. Your wurships assured lovinge Frendes The governor deputie & associates of merchantes adventurers resident in London. George Setherton deputye.