Letter ID: 1121
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.128r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1121/008
Date: 03 April 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.



Later Addition: Belgia 1592 3 Aprill. To Master Bodly

Right Worshipfull with our verry harty comendations [[.]] ytt maie please you tunderstand, that the daie before this present [[I]] Rxd lettres from our secritary Joseph Wheller, of the 27, and 29 [[.]] in which he doth advertise that your worship /[.]/ had as the 27th [[.]] [mand] [dl] of her Majesties lettres unto the g. stattes, who the[[.]] they wold consider therof, and maike answer with all co[[.]] we trust you have ytt or this, of which we long [[.]] But yf your worship should parceave the stattes bent to [d[.]] then we pray you, to request them to apoynt som[[e]] sertaine tyme, and to apoynt there comitties, to be with full comission, to sett done, and to maike an e[[nd of]] all the tare matters, against which tyme we will [[.]] to doe the licke, and in the meane tyme, that there [[.]] maie be at libertye to dealle with us, /and trad to the [favor]/ and for an[[.]] tares which shalbe maid in the clothes bowght, betwe[[en]] this, and that tyme we shall determine, the same sh[[ould be]] alowid, according to thagreyment which shalbe concl[[uded]] by them, and us, at our meatinge./. /[which] [myt] good [Notts] is [by] them to be k[.]/ and to this in a[[.]] equitye they cannot [deoe], but to yeld./ unto unlesse the meane to [yent] or trad owt of there count[[ry]] And thus we being still troblsome unto you, We Leave your woorship with Mistress Bodleye and all your cha[[.]] to thalmightie. Midelbourch the 3 Aprill 1592. Yours the Deputye and fellowship of [[the Merchant]] adventures resident in midelbourch [[.]] praieing you to beare with ths s[[.]] Thomas Ferrers deputy.