Letter ID: 1120
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.127r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1120/008
Date: 03 April 1592
Note: On fol.127r the signature 'N' is expunged, with 'WL' inserted. This document is badly fire damaged.


Sir. I dowbt not but yowe have alreadie laborid by all the good meanes yowe cowld the States of Holland to geve satis- faccion to Colonell Senoy of his demaundes according to hir Majesties ernest lettres written to them, and hir pleisure by me signified to you for the solliciting theareof, althowgh by late letters written from him yt appeareth small succes hath followid thereof, in such sort as the poore olde Gentleman remaineth utterlie discomforted with theire delaies, and meane offers in regard of his demaundes: whearewith hir Majestie having been made acquainted, hath willed mee againe in hir name to require yowe to motion this matter to the said States: and by all the meanes yowe cann to seeke to bringe the same to a finall ende & Conclusion, whearein me thinketh theie owght not soe hardlie to deale with him considering his manie yeares service done to them: By the ending of this matter yowe shall ease hir Majestie of much trowble, whoe other- wise is like to be continuallie sollicited on his behalf./ And so I Commend mee hartelie to yowe./ From the Cort this third of Aprill. 1592. Your vearie Loving frend./ William Burghley