Letter ID: 1119
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.126r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1119/008
Date: 08 April 1592
Note: This document has some fire damage.

Later Addition: To th[e] compan[y of the] Marchant Adventurers at London April 8 1592



Later Addition: To the Marchants Adventurers at London

Right worshipfull, in the cause recommended by your lettre I have delt with the states to such effect as you requ[est] I have delivered unto them her Majesties lettres & used a[ll] manner of earnest endevour as well in publick with the general assembly, as with the moste of them aparte to precure them to incline to some friendly resolution. But theyr humor ys so froward when they take a cause in hand, as I can give you no hope, that they will yeeld to your demandes. They have framed an answere to her Majesties lettre, which I send you heerinclosed to be delivere[d] when you please, & a transcript of the same. But the having of theyr answere upon a lettre from the com[pany] at Middelbourg I have [move] them again to ad[.] communication of deputies on both sydes, to accommod[ate] all the matter, & that the trade may have his course while those deputies are in conference, promising u[nto] them that for the tares that shalbe made in any of our clothers, while matters are in speech, they shal alw[.] be allowed according to the agreement they have noth[ing] to oppose against the equity of this motion, & yet they [.] that for the present they cannot otherwise resolve them th[ey] have signifyed alredy in theyr lettre to her Majesty. But [as] far as I parceave until the matter be accorded bet[ween] Holland & Zeland you are not to expect for [other] a[.] at theyr handes. For Holland as yt seemeth [.] draw the traffiqe to them selves, which they of Zela[nd .] withstand, & wil not suffer that theyr placcartes [.] published with them. I have signified to the Company [that] is at Midelboro, what further course in my opinion may take in this matter, wherof I know they will infor[.] if they finde it for theyr purpose. For mine owne par[te] for that which I am able by my travel or counsel or [.] help whatseover to effect in that behalf, I beseech [.] parswaded that /I/ will willingly parfourme yt. & so I l[eave] you at this present wishing this & all other your action[s and] endevours most prosperous successe. Hage. April 8 [1592]