Letter ID: 1113
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.117r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1113/008
Date: 17 March 1592


May it please your good L. As my duty requireth, and as I promised your L. when I shall have any matter of moment to report, I will allwaies have a care to lett you know it with the soonest. We are in hand at this present with the towne of Gertrudenbergh, which Count Maurice will endevour to take by surprise, having secret intelligence with some within the towne, and good informacion of the weakenesse of a Bulwarke, which he purposeth to scale. The attempt will be given within these two daies, and in case it should faile, it is meant he shall besiege it, and blocke up the advenues, which are but two narrow passages, and as he is parsuaded may be easely defended against the force of the Enemie: and whatsoever shall befalle, they may make their retraite to the towne of Breda. There are within Gertrudenbergh but 600 souldiers, which are, as we heare, in very great wantes both for victuals and powder. It is thought that our troupes will amount about the number of 5000 foote, and 1500 horse. Our lettres out of Brabant tell of divers discontentements in the Enemies gouvernment partly against the owld old count Mansfeld, who is hated for his rigour, and partialitie in dealing, and partly among themselves, through their factions and wantes, which we are in good hope, will advance our designes. Howbeit there is a bruite that Monsieur Baligny the Governor of Cambray, who we were of beliefe, inclined more and more to the French Kinges cause, hath heard suche newes out of Spaine, as he hath paied his garrison, and that very lately, with Spanishe mony. Which is all that I can signifie, but that I rest most addicted to doe your L. any service, and so I take my humble leave. From the Hage. March 17 1592