Letter ID: 1109
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.95r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1109/008
Date: 23 January 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.
Copy of: 0372



Later Addition: [[Feb]]uary [[To m]]y L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. As I writte in my last the 10 of this moneth, there was a Pasport graunted by this Councel of Estate (for suche respectes as I declared in that letter) to Monsieur de Bilandt Baron of Reide, and one of the Emperours Ambassadors for the mater of Peace, to come hither to the Hage: who is therupon arri- ved, and hath required Audience of the Councel. But having bene heere but two daies, they have differred it a while. Heerof, albeit as yet I have no further mater, I thought it not unfitte to ad- vertise your L. upon occasion presented of a present messenger: as I also purpose to informe yow, with the first opportunitie, of whatsoever shall passe in his accesse unto the Councel, or shall be pertinent otherwise to the cause for which he comes. Those troupes that were appointed, to be sent out of Holland, to the siege of Rouen, have bin embarked these 10 daies, and continewe as yet on shippe borde, that for want of a winde, and by rea- son of the season, which hath bin heere very bitter and stormy, it is said they doe sicken and waxe very weake. The Councel of State have already sent their Commissaries, to passe a general muster of all her Majesties forces: which was to be per- fourmed, as neere as they could before the 20 of this moneth: and when they are fol.95v
returned, I will take a Copie of [their rolles] and certifcats, and send them pres[ently] to Master Wilkes. There is n[ews] heere from Collen, that D. Casimir, the [D. of] Wirtenbergh, and the Chauncelor of P[oland] are all deceased of poison: and that R[icardus] great uncle to the yong Count Palati[ne] nephew to Casimir, doth take the gou[verment] upon him for 6 monethes, during the no[nage] of the /yong/ Prince. Elector. This is but [hardly] heere beleeved, but yet advertised to [divers] Having no occurrence of other [mention] /besides/ [I take my] humble leave.