Letter ID: 1104
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.33r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1104/008
Date: 25 February 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.
Copy of: 0379



Later Addition: [[To my]] L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. there hath no occasyon fallen to write unto your L. since I sent you my last, the 10 of this moneth, onely this is asmuch as I can thinke to be worthy of your L. knowledge that wheras heertofore the Province of Gueldres upon pretence of unability, hath contributed nothing in a maner to the general meanes for the maintenance of these warres, wee are in good hope that for the good successe of the laste sommers service in freeing the Velue & taking in of Nieumegen with other places adjoyning, they will be drawen to condiscend to 1000li by the moneth, which I also think wilbe augmented by the accesse of the Imposte of the foresaid places. The most of the Deputies of the general states are arrived heer already, but the extremity of the frost & the hardnes of the wether doth stay the coming of the rest. By reason wher[of] there ys nothing yet proposed, nor no answere yet conceav[ed] to the motion intended by the Emparors Ambassador. It should seme by a lre of the Gouvernor of Bruges, which hath b[ene] lately intercepted that upon the Embassadors advertisementes they are in some hope to bring this contrey to a treaty. It may be paradventure that there was never no such matter written by the Embassadors, but whatsoever hath bin written I see not whereuppon he should take the least occasyon to putt him self in that hope. For I am fully parswaded that his answere wilbe such. as he will wishe he had not taken this voyage in hand. Heere ys nothing now but silence astouching those affaires, every man expecting when the states will assemble. As I have bin required by the LL. of the Councel I have procured a general muster of all her Majesties forces by the states Commissaries: which was passed long ago but theyr officers are so slow in making their certificates that as yet wee do want the rolls of Ostend, Albeit wee are advertised that the garrison there was mustered the last moneth. Those excepted all the rest are consigned to the handes of Master Wilkes: and assoone as those are come they shalbe copied [in] like manner & sent presently after. I was willed by the LL. of the Councel to deale with the states in her Majesties name, [for] the passing of the said muster, & for the like every moneth or as often as they see cause. Howbeit I remembred theyr Lordships in my answere of the old disagreement [between] fol.33v
her Majesty & the States about the allowance of the D[ead paies] & certain other pointes to which they never yelded. In [which] respect I was parswaded, that if by order from her [Majestie] the mustering of the English bandes were left to theyr off[icers] consydering they will never passe the Dead paies in th[eir] muster rolles, it might prove unto her Majesty ve[ry] prejudiciall. Wheruppon for that I found that I could of my self, & for such pretences, as I signif[ied] then entreat this councelfor the present to a general m[uster] I refrayned to use the name of her Majesty, which their LL. I hope will interpret to the best, & signif[ie] theyr pleasure for proceeding heerafter. The [last] letter from you that I have receaved was of the [18] of January. Wherto I do not doubt, but my forme[r] answeres have satisfied your L. & so I take my h[umble] leave. Hage February 25 1591.