Letter ID: 1102
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.30r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1102/008
Date: 24 February 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.



Later Addition: Belgia

Sir. After my hartie Commendacions. Althowgh I have received divers letters from yowe from the 23 of Januarye untill the xth of Februarie: yet at this present I doe meane to make yowe awnsweare /but/ to three of your letters, that is the second, the 4th and tenthe of this moneth, althowgh hir Majestie have been made acquainted with all the rest: and hath commaunded mee to impart to yowe hir opinion as followethe.

She liketh well of your privatt Communicacion with Monsieur Bilant not as having auctoritie from hir Majestie, or knowledge from hir, howe to awnsweare or treat with him: and wheare she made mention to yowe of sum purpose to have the 17 Provinces yelded to the Emperors Soverainetie, the Cawse might be well liked of, if the Emperor did not wholie depend uppon the K. of Spaigne, and might with the Spanish treasure, and an Imperiall auctoritie, soone over rule all Contractes that might be devised for the libertie of the Cuntries: But in Conclusion, hir Majestie liked your opinion, that noe Treatie, cowlde be imbraced with hope of good succes, withowt the withdrawinge of the Spanish forces owt of France: and uppon that opinion hir Majestie would have yowe persist in all your Counsells with the States /

Secondlie hir Majestie liketh vearie well of your opinion that the States maie be induced to write humblie to the Emperor acknowledging thanke- fullie his disposicion to move a Generall peace, But yet simplie to open unto his Majestie, the Cawses of their dowbtes of the good succes theareof, as theie have felt by former experiences of Treaties offred unto them: and emongest others theie maie for an Example of the notable offer of the K. of Spayne to treate of a Peace in the yeare 1588: Even in the time when he had prepared a most notable invasion of the Realme of England, both by Sea and by land, and that his desseigne was onelie broken by Godes mightie power, and Revendge, It maie be added also, that the K. of Spayne, cannot minde to permitte the States of the Lowe Cuntries to enjoie anie libertie of Religion, seeing at the self same time, he doth mightelie invade the Crowne of France, uppon noe other Collor, [then] for Religion. Her Majestie liketh also your opinion that after this [.] fol.30v
might be addressed to the Emperor, the like also might be [.] the principall Princes of the Empire for defence of the s[.] might growe for their refusall / Hir Majestie also hath allowed vear[ie well] of your opinion to have the States induced to geve greater succor th[.] to the Frenche K. whilest the D. of Parma, and his forces doe re[main] in France, but hearein onelie she varrieth, that she would not h[ave the] matter moved to the publique and vulger, untill the full Collecion be made of the newe Contribucions sowght from the Provinces, for [.] increase of the forces for this next yeares warre: least the yeldin[g of the] Contribucions might be refused, if aforehand it showld be unders[tood] to have the same spent in the warre of France: But after the [.] cions had, thowgh the pretence theareof should be for the increa[se of] theire Armies theare at home in the Cuntrie, yet when the time [.] cum to demaund thes succors for France, the sevenight be [.] labor directed for the use of the Frenche K. uppon his necess[.] the intercession both of him, and the Quenes Majestie and at that ti[me] hir Majestie might take the like occasion to drawe sum of hir owne [.] to doe the like service in France. And this is the sum of that [which her] Majestie hath willed mee to advertise yowe, uppon Consideracion of [your] letters./ From the Cort this xxiijth of February. 15[92] Your vearie loving fre[nd] William Burghley

Postscript: Wheare as it is understood that the States doe deale verie hardlie to Sir towardes Sir Edward Norris, with summ offence towardes Monsieur Caron for dealing so mildlie in the matter, hir Majesties pleasure is yowe showld not anie waie presse or further this matter, but seeke by all yowe can to pacefie the States therein./