Letter ID: 1100
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.24r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1100/008
Date: 15 March 1592


Understanding of the meeting of the states General [at this] [Instant], and fearing that something may either be any [way] concluded against us, that might hapen to be prejudicial [to the] commerce betweene us and the merchantes of bothe provinc[es we] have once againe emboldened our selves to desire you to [be] help full to our cause in all that you maye, and as we ha[ve] especiall confidence that you will: And bicause we would [be] advertised howe thinges passe from tyme to tyme, and [.] litle troublesom unto you as we might, we have thought [good] to dispatche our secretarie thether, whoe can futher e[.] you of our matters and minde as there shalbe occasione [.] And so leaving you to his reporte and wishing you all p[.] in your affaires wee ende with our very harty comendat[ions] from Middelburg the 15th of Marche anno 1591: Your worships affectionate and lovinge [.] Freendes the Deputye associates [.] Generality of the merchantes adventu[rers] Thomas Ferrers Deputy