Letter ID: 1096
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.13r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1096/008
Date: 02 February 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.



Later Addition: 2 February To Master Bodly

Master Bodley, after my verie hartie commendacio[ns] At my last being in England I was commaund[ed by] her Majestie and my Lo: Treasorer, that in such thi[[ngs]] I should have need to sue for to the States, I sh[[ould]] request your mediacion and freindshipp. I doe therf[[ore]] earnestlie desire you to be a meane unto them that [.] maie be taken for my entertainment and the arrer[[ages]] assureing you that what report soever hath bene [[made]] up of my gaine in this place, I have not suff[[iciently]] at this tyme to discharge my weekely charge [[.]] am faine to goe uppon creditt in the towne for [[.]] victualles.

I have assisted the Commissarie of the [[musters]] as I could, for he cam over night at the shuttin[[g of]] the gaates, and mustered the next morning. [[.]] fownd I referr unto his report.

It shall appeare that by my account sent you [[and the]] States before, ther was 3000 gillders due f[[or our]] entertainment untill September, and V monnthes p[[aie]] sence, wherof I have receaved as by a rec[[koning]] sent unto the States doth appeare the some of 4 [[.]] So that ther remaineth due unto me about 400 [[.]] Which I most earnestlie desire you to be a meane [[.]] maie be paid it, and order for my monnthlie pay [[.]] the rest, for sence these fortes are buylt, I [[get]] no proffit either of Contribucion or prisoners. [[.]] Unles I should live uppon the spoyle of the [[. as]] others have done I shall not be able to maintain [[.]] unles it please the States to take order for m[[e]] And so I leave you to the tricion of the Allmig[[hty]] from Ostend this second of Februarie 159[2] Your Verie assured loving [frend] E Norr[[is]]