Letter ID: 0624
Reference: TNA, SP 12/242/117 f.208r-209v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0624/008
Date: 26 August 1592
Note: Annotations are in Burghley's hand.



Later Addition: 1592 August 26

Endorsed: 26 August 1592. Memoranda of hir Majesties lettre to Master Bodeleie for the sendinge of a band of Horse./


Trusty etc. Since owr last lettres unto yowe for the speedie sending awaie of the xvj bandes of footemen /into france/, with which other nombers shall make 4000 footemen in Britaignie, wee have thowght yt verie necessarie to have /[.] to serve with so manny footemen/ at the least one Band of C horsemen, to be sent also thither for necessarie serrvice and succor of our /sayd/ footemen, and therefore have determined that either Sir John Pouley, or Sir Nicholas Parker, wherof either of them have in charge and pair C horsemen, shall with one of theire Bandes, or with so manie as shall make a Band of C. passe over into Bretaignie /France/, with the said footemen or assone after as thei can: And bicawse wee are not certaine howe thes two have theire Bandes furnished to be readie for the serrvice: /although we thynk nether of them can alledg any resonable cause of ther Want/ wee will and Commaund yowe to send for them both /spedely/ unto yowe, and impart this our determinacion unto them and charge them /in our name/ that one of them doe prepare theire band being in charge /of/ C /savyng the allowance of ther dead paye/ to passe over into Bretaignie /France/, as our footemen are appointed, which the /sayd/ nomber of C horsemen havinge the dead paies: And if it showld so fall owt (which wee showld have Cawse /greatly/ to mislike, that neither of them /alone/ can be hable to furnishe the said /full/ nomber: than rather than the serrvice showld not be performed, wee will yowe in our name to commaund anie one of them two, to passe over with such nomber as they /any of them/ have, and can carry owt of that Cuntrye fol.208v
and that the other of the said two Capteines that shall not take this journeie shall deliver to him that shall goe in the same so manie of his Band being sufficient in as shall be sufficiently furnished with horse and Armor to make upp the full nomber of C saving the dead paies to serrve with him as yowe shall uppon good Consideracion find the meetest man to be Commaunded in owr name And this /our determination/ yowe shall so deliver /to them both by speche in owr name and also/ by showing to them this our Commaund- ment in writing, as if anie of them both shall refuse or delaye the Execucion of this serrvice, yowe shall declare unto them that the partie refusinge shall be /forever/ putt owt of owr wages and incurre owr further displesure according to the qualletie of theire offence/ And for the nominacion and Eleccion of the party of thes two whome yowe shall thinke meete to take the charge uppon him, yowe maie use the advise of Sir Francis Veere, if conveniently withowt delaie of time yowe maie receive his opinion theareuppon./