Letter ID: 0587
Reference: TNA, PC 2/19/280
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0587/008
Date: 25 March 1592
Copy of: 1111


A lettre to Master Bodeley. The Councell of the States generall havinge renewed their Complainte to her Majestie against Sir Edwarde Norreys knight Governor of Ostende as by the Copies of theire lettres to her Majestie which for your better informacion in those matters wee sende unto yow herewithall shall appeare unto yow there is direction given to him to repaire unto the Councell of the States at sutche Convenient tyme as they shall sende for him to satisfy and yelde accompte unto them for the Contribucions of the Contrie howe the same have bin imploied & expended fol.280v
with her Majesties pleasure is yow shoulde by us understande, and that yow shall declare unto the Councell of the States the order given to him by her Majestie or repayre unto them at suche tyme as they shall thincke fitte to sende for him to satisfie them for those matters of accomptes and to Cleere himself in the Imputacions preferred againste him, Requiringe them to make choyce of a fitte and conveniente tyme for his repaire unto them that thenemy maie have noe advantage by his absence and as he maie best be spared in regarde of the saffetie of the Towne and garrison yow shall further require them when they shall have veiwed and taken his accomptes and hearde what he can saie in his owne defence and excuse to forbeare to give anye Sentence or decree againste him, untill her Majestie maie be dulye informed thereof addinge thereto that in respecte of the dislike conceived of the gent by them hathe given order if otherwise they shall not be satisfied with his answeres to revoke and call him home againe so soone as he shalbe dismissed from them meaninge at his repaire hether to Chardge him with those matters wherein they shall finde faulte with him and to Consider of the same as her Highnes shall see cause to [lende] her upon veiwe of the matters wherewith he shalbe chardged and his answeres to the same, and in are truthe wee parceive that the gent himself seing there mislike is willing to leave the chardge and to give them satisfaction in that behalf.