Letter ID: 0380
Reference: TNA, SP 84/44/143 f.145r-146v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0380/008
Date: 10 March 1592
Note: On fol.145r a section between 'It is a time' to 'all against decorum' on fol.145v is marked by a line in the margin.



Addressed: To the right worshipfull Sir Henry Killigrew knight London

Endorsed: 10 Martij 1591 Master Bodelelie to Sir H Killegrewe. His desire to be revoked. And that Master Guilpin maie be one of the 2 Counsellors./

Later Addition: 10 March 91/2


Sir, It is long sins I expected, to be revoked by her Majestie. For I have written very often, and earnestly about it: and I have bin promised twice or thrice: but still, methinkes, I am delaied, to my very great prejudice, in my privat estate. That if I come not home the sooner, I shall be sicke for very melancholie. For I have spent my patience to the stumpes. This looking for my licence, hath letted my wri- ting to many of my frindes, and truly to your self a great deale longer then becommed, in respect of your desertes, and mine owne inclincation to doe yow any service. But I was alwaies the bolder, for that I knowe yow doe /not/ measure the affection of your frindes by these complementes of writing. It is told me heere of late, that D. Fletcher is appointed to succeede me very shortly. Be it true, or be it otherwise, I hope that he or some other, will excuse me er be long. It is a time the meane while, wherein our friend Master Gilpin may /be/ singu- larly steeded by your frindship and favor. For whether it be D. Fletcher, or whosoever it be, that is named to come hither, me thinkes my L. Treasurer might be easely wrought, to procure Master Gilpin the place of the second Coun- caillor. It would be most agreable to the Treaty with this countrey: and her Majesties affaires might be muche advanced by it: as yow are able many waies to make the remonstrance. For yow knowe his diligence in service, his experience in these contreis, and his good abilitie in all respectes. It may be fol.145v
peradventure, that the charge of intertening two counsaillors together, will occasion some diffi- cultie in her Majesties graunt; but to answear that objection, he is very well contented with his present allowance. I would write in his behalf, as truly for no man so willingly nor so earnestly. But before that I my self have licence to returne, it were, in my opinion, a peece of presumption, and all against decorum, to intreat for any other to /be/ placed in my rowme. If the motion were but made, I thinke his honorable frindes, of which there are divers of the Lordes of the Councel, will willingly sett it forward. I pray yow thinke upon it, and by worde or by writing assist him heerein. Which I knowe yow will doe without my requesting, and yet I can not but request it, in regard of his suffi- ciencie to doe her Majestie good service, and my pri- vat affection to frind him in any thing. And so I leave the mater wholy to your loving con- sideration, and for want of other occurence, commend yow for this present to Gods preservacion From the Hage. Marche 10 1591. Your most affectionat and at commaundement Tho. Bodley