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Reference: TNA, SP 84/44/102 f.105r- 108v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0377/008
Date: 10 February 1592
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England


May it please your good L. In my former lettres of which I writte my last the 4 of this moneth, I have made rehersall to your L. of all that hitherto hath passed, aswell in publicke con- sultations, as in privat discourses, which I have had in this place, in regard of the Treaty desired by the Emperor. I did my best endevor, to have stopped the licence of Monsieur Bilandt, but [In margin: [staie] of M. Bilant]
because it was caried with consent of the most, it could not be prevented. He remaineth heere attending the meeting of the states, whose comming is expected within 5 or 6 daies: and I hope they will devise, within litle of their com- ming, to dispatche him in good sort. I knowe not well for my self, when they putte me to my voice, what course I may propose, to concurre, as I would, with her Highnes intent. But I thinke there will be time, to heare from your L. before they will come to the giving of their answear. [In margin: To have direction for his proceeding.]
If it falle out otherwise, I knowe not wher- upon I may better insist, then to move them as I did, before the arrival of Monsieur Bilandt, to conceave a good letter to the Emperor himself, and to signifie all the reasons, that have caused them hitherto, to refuse his Ambassadors: with a summarie declaration of all the dommages and [In margin: Howe he [meaneth] to deale.]
prejudice, which they have formerly sustened by the practises of Ambassadors in the like pre- tended treaties: and to notifie directly howe will they stand affected to the offer of a Peace, so it be without fraude, and with fitte conditions, including their neighbors, aswell as themselves, and all suche clauses of assurance, as the present estate of their cause doth require. Moreover if they could be induced to make suche an answear fol.106v
I should judge it expedient, that there were co- pies of it sent, to the Princes of Germany, and to others, to meete with that report, which is nowe very rife, and will be more in every monthe, if it be not prevented by considerat dealing, That they are an uncivil and a barbarous people, and an enemie to peace: having no de- signe before their eyes, but to begger other Pro- vinces, by enriching themselves, through the benefit of their trafficke, which is all in a maner derived hither, and waxeth greater by these warres, then it hath bin heeretofore in peaceable times. By addressing an answear to this effect, they shall not onely free themselves of those hard imputations, which may make them very odious to other nations abroade but the people of this contrey shall be somwhat by it more engaged, against these treaties of the Enemie, by publishing in writing such actes of opposition. Knowing nothing more, then I doe at this present, howe her Majestie in this mater would be served by me, I can not yet understand, what way of proceeding can be lesse prejudiciall to her Majestie or to them. I sent your L. heeretofore the transcript of a letter, which was written by [In margin: Casimirs lettre]
D. Cassimir to the Emperor, bearing date the 24 of November and nowe the answear thereby being come to my handes, I send it heareinclosed translated out of Dutche. It is written from Collen, that the Ambassadors left at Brussels, are all departed: some to Collen and some to their houses neere to Collen, and that there they will remaine, till the answear be given to him that is heere. There are also letters from Collen that the Baron of fol.107r
Baremstein, who is the chief of those Ambassadors, doth levie at this instant a regiment of Lance Knightes for the K. of Spaine. But it is not beleeved by Monsieur Bilandt.

The forces appointed for the service of France, can by no meanes advance their voiage thither for want of a winde. Howbeit the companies are in garrison neere to their shippes, and shal presently away with the very first winde. [In margin: Forces for France to be increased.]
If their comming to the King shall be greatly to his benefit, according to that motion whiche I lastly made unto yow, I thinke her Highnes autoritie, and the instance of the King, may pro- cure their continuance for all this sommer, and gette at the lest 2000 more. For the happy successe of the last yeres warres hath so appa- rantly assured the body of these Provinces, that if Parma and his forces continue still in France, they may easely keepe their owne, by way of defence with the helpe of a fewe, and im- ploye the remainder to the most annoiance of the Enemie. But whether it be convenient I am wholy to referre it to your L. consideration. For I knowe my want of judgement in affaires of this qualitie. but if her Majestie and the King be willing unto it, I doe thinke assuredly that their joint and urgent suite will be greatly respected: if the King in speciall will be earnest for himself. For this is very evident, and observed heere of all, that how- soever certaine persons, of the principall in this place, be seeldome times favorers of her Highnes petitions, yet in causes of the King, they doe openly affectat, and every day more, an extraordinary forwardnes, whiche they shewe in all their fol.107v
actions, and speeches, and cariadges wher- soever. And yet by all that I can ghesse, it doth not so muche proceede of a good affection to the King, as of a politicke desire, in a case of oppression, which they are prompt to imagine to use an other Princes favor, to contrepois her Majestie. Which I thought not unfitte, upon this incident occasion, to be noted to your L. And so I take my humble leave. At the Hage. 10 February 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley


Endorsed: 10 February 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L. The staie of M. Bilant. To have direction for his proceedinges with the Ambassador. Casimires lettre answered by the Emperor. His opinion for greater forces for France./

Later Addition: 10 February 1591