Letter ID: 1404
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/10 fol.162r-163v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1404/008
Date: 19 April 1591



Addressed: To the honorable Sir Robert Sidney knight L. Governor of the towne of Flushing.

Later Addition: 19 April 1591



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

Sins my last unto your Lordship I receaved that letter for the Generall states, which her Majestie doth mention in her letter unto yow. They doe greatly dislike this maner of proceeding, and have replied very effectually to her Majestie upon it. Because I thought yow might desire, to see the forme of their answear, I have sent yow here inclosed the transcript of it: which your L. will be pleased to reserve unto your self. Count Maurice is come home, but sate not yet in Councell: but by my next, I will advertise, what may be done about your company. The surprise of Straelen hath failed, from whens Captain Wray and Captain Clifford are returned a litle hurt and some twenty of our souldiers, and 7 or 8 were slaine. I thinke Sir Francis Vere will be at the Hage within 3 or fower daies, by whome we shall be informed of every particularitie. of the Enemies proceedinges we knowe no- thing more, then your L. may see by the letter of the Councel: for which I end with my wonted, which are alwaies my best and most affectionat wishes to your L. estate. From the Hage. April 19 1591. Your Lordships assured and at commaundement Tho. Bodley