Letter ID: 1227
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.316r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1227/008
Date: 21 December 1591



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 21 December to Master Bodly

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. December

Sir. at this tyme I am sorry to accompany hir Majesties lettres of thankes to yow, with some contrary humor, of mislyk sence the date of hir sayd lettres. In truth hir Majesty is offended that wher yow and Sir Francis veere war directed to send from [theer] vij compaynyes to mak on thowsand soldiers to serve in France, they ar uppon view at Depe found not to be but 633 /638/ heades greatly to hir Majesties dishonor as she sayth, and not a litle to the hyndrance of the service intended in France, wherof the French Kyng by his lettres did complayn uppon information which I thynk by bowzenval he had, afor the bandes cam to Flushyng which hir Majesty did avow by hir answer to be otherwise, uppon hir expectation, that yow and Sir Francis veere wold have had other regard therto, and for that cause hir Majesty fyndeth hir self greatly offended towardes yow, and others that sent awey such imperfect bandes. for not on band had above i c but [MLso] and [brock] and on of them had but i c vj and the other but i c iiij. and all the rest cam nothyng neare i c. some havyng but 52 some 79. some 84 /. this error hir Majesty sayth was to Gross, except it war doone to shame hir nation and how it will be answered, but that it will be sayd fol.316v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591. December

these captayns had lost their men on service, or the rather ther men had lost their Captain by running awey, but seyng hir Majesty had promised i m and did require i m she sayth it is not excusable to send such Captayns with such imparfect bandes, and never once to advertise the want, wherby ordre might have bene gyven to have supplyed them. for unto this daye we never receaved any advertisment of ther defectes, but only hard therof from the french Kyng whan we beleved it not, and now we know it from my L. of Essex to be to trew who thynketh hym self unkyndly delt with all to be as he interpreteth it mocked. And uppon this Grownd hir Majesty thynketh that she is Generally robbed by hir prise and myndeth here after to have on pay made, but by Musters of the states Commissaryes. I have no lesor to wryt hereof [.] to Sir Francis veer. but I pray yow shew hym this my lettre./ Hir Majesty wold have yow assure the states that she will gyve no eare to any offer of peace with the K. of spayne, without acqueyntyng them therwith, and providyng for them as for hir self. from westminster 21 10br 1591 Your assured loving frend William Burghley