Letter ID: 1224
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.309r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1224/008
Date: 15 December 1591
Note: There is a signature 'E.E.E' on the middle of the bottom edge.



Later Addition: Belgia 1591: December

Later Addition: 1591 15 December To: Master Bodly

Endorsed: Master Bodley. Francis Vere./

After owr vearie hartie Commendacions: where as by the negligence of Thomas Wiate Commissarie appointed to attend on the Companies disperced under Yowr Charge (Sir Francis Vere:) her Majesties service committed to him hathe receaved no smale prejudice, as well in that he sendethe over no certificates nor muster roles of the Companies wherby the strength of the said Companies, might be discerned, and the Checke leviable for the last halfe yeare ended the xjth of October last defalked, to the end the remander of that which is growen due over and a bove the xxli monethly payd to them and theire Companies might be aunswered, which cannot be done untill certifying the strengthe of the Companies nowe lately sent into France (the most of them having ben under his charge) they are found (in lieu of one thousand compleat with the dead paies) but 638: which (if it had appeared by the timely certificat of the commissarie) might have ben redressed, where with her Majestie is not a little displeased. Theise are therefore to requier yow immediately uppon the receipte hereof, to command the said wyat to make his spedie repaier hether unto us, and to bring with him suche ro[ll]es of Musters, and certificates for weekly lendinges, as he hat[h]e made sithince the vth of Februarie Last, and therof not to faile as he will aunswere his defalte to the contrarie at his uttermost parill. Here of we requier yow to have care and to give him spedie direction as aforesaid, so as he pretend not ignorance of this owr commandement. So fare yow hartely well. From the Cowrt at whithale the xvth of December 1591. Yowr vearie Loving Frendes William Burghley Hunnsdon Cobham Thomas Heneage Fortescue