Letter ID: 1223
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.308r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1223/008
Date: 15 December 1591
Copies: 0368 fol.308v

Endorsed: To Sir Ed: Norris December 15 1591



Later Addition: 1591 15 December To Sir Edward Noris From Master Bodly

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: December

Sir, I knowe not what it is, that /yow/ might looke for at my handes, but I have dealt in your behalf very honestly and frindly, aswell in these present as in all your othr former /other/ causes, since I came to /unto/ this place. If yow have heeretofore, as yow signi- fie your self, conceaved the contrary, I pray yow signifie the cause. For if it were sufficient, then I thinke yow have no reason to conceale it from me, or to alter /your/ your opinion [.] /conceat/ of my unfrindly proceeding: and I must and will be ready to make yow satisfaction. But if maters were surmised, without any occasion given, upon the gla- vering reportes of ill affected /busie headded/ persons, then I leave yow to consider who hath faulted in frindshippe. Howe farre yow have bin drawen upon suche weake imaginations to speake to my prejudice, I will make no rehersall, because it seemeth by your letter, that yow acknowledge the error of your /that/ former conceat /opinion/. Nevertheles I [In margin: your most assured to my power]
can not choose but signifie, that there are /some at home/ of your best and neerest frindes, that have advised me highly /by their/ in their with some [.] /publicke,/ injurious and inconsiderat speeches: for which I meane /purpose/ in time covenient, to addresse my self unto her Majestie and to bring them to account. For these occasions and the like, I must pray yow very hartely to hold me excused, that I refuse to make or meddle in the causes depending between yow and the states. What her Majestie and the LL. shall commaund me from home, I will accomplish in that order as they shall direct me: and also in my advises in the Councell of state, I will frind yow to my uttermost: which yow can imagine by your owne discretion /experience in these contreis/ how [.] /litle/ it will steed yow, /[.] availe yow/ coside- ring howe they are bent, as yow may see by [their] /the qualitie of the buisnes between them yow/. letters. And thus I bidd yow for this present [[I bidd yow]] hartely farewell I commend yow to God.