Letter ID: 1222
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.307r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1222/008
Date: December 1591



Later Addition: December

Later Addition: Belgia 1591: December

Master Bodley, I understand by Sir Robert Sicill and by my Lo. Treasorer how well you have dealt with me, which I ever lookt for at your handes, allthough I conceaved the contrarie, and am verie glad to se your freindshipp so manifested unto me, Wherof I will be readie to make requitall in all I can: For the matters of Differaunce now betweene the States and me I have heare sent a man with letters unto them, Wherof I praie you to send me your oppinion, and also what the States doe saie touching all thinges:/ And for the better establishing of thinges heare according to their pleasurs, I would be verie glad if it would please them to send your sellf or Master Gillpine joyned with some other, to make survaye of such thinges as shall be thought fit to be refourmed. So desiring the continuaunce of your freindshipp, I recomend me verie hartelie to your sellf, and commit you to the tricion of the Almightie. From Ostend this of December 1591 Your most assured Loving freind Edward Norreys

Postscript: I have sent you hearewith my accoumpt which if the states shall [[be]] satisfyed with all, if it shall [[.]] them to send you Either, you shall [[.]] satisfaction: