Letter ID: 1218
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.292r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1218/008
Date: 30 November 1591
Note: On fol.292v there is the signature 'D.D.D.'
Copy of: 0363



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer for Master Dormer November 30 1591


Later Addition: Belgia 1591 30 November to my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia 1591 November


May it please your good L. upon report of the death of Sir Coniers Clifford /in France/ I am solicited heere by divers Captaines and gentlemen to become an humble sutor to your L. for /the/ obten[ing] of his company for Master Michael Dormer an Ox fordshire gentleman, one that /who/ hath served in Berghen up Zoome for these three yeres witho[ut] any entertenment for /these/ three yeres together, with the general good liking of both of the Governor and all the Garrison. He hath /also/ served heertofore /before/ in the time of the L. of Leicester, with a company of horse, which was /also/ raised upon his owne purse without any helpe or allowance. In consideration wherof, and at the instant request of Sir Henry Leigh it pleased her Majestie /about twelve moneths pa[st]/ to make him a graunt of the next foote company /of horse or foote/ that showld falle in these contreis. This maketh me the bolder to preferre his suite unto your L. which I also knowe Sir Francis Vere, who is nowe at Duisbourgh, would recommend most effectually, for the speciall good opinion which he hath of his worth, aswell in respect of his honest and discrete cariadge, as for his valor and knowledge in martiall affaires. And this I doe not testifie, I assure your L. sincerely, upon favor and frindship, but of an earnest desire, to have her Majestie well served. As to that effect /if your L. please,/ yow may by /other meanes be easely/ easely informed of the gentlemans sufficiencie. And so I take my humble leave. At the Hage. November 30 1591.