Letter ID: 1091
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.254r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1091/008
Date: 06 November 1591
Copy of: 0354



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer November 6 1591


Later Addition: Belgia 1591 6 November To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November


May it please your good L. by letters intercepted, by certaine of the garrison of Berghen up Zoome, written from Rome from the College of Cardinals, to the D. of Parma the D. de Maine, Montemarciano General of the Popes army, Landriano the Popes Nuntio, and to the Citie of Paris, it should appeere that the College was perplexed upon the Popes deceasse, who died the 15 of October lest some alteration should happen to their prejudice in Fraunce. Wheru[pon] the next daie after the death of the Pope, they dispatched sundrye letters to the aforenamed parties, full of encouragement to persist in their courses, and to trust upon continuance of relief from Rome. I have sent your L. the Copie of their letters to Paris, and to Marsilio Landriano. The rest to the D. of Parma, de Maine &c. & because the differ very littell from those that I send, I have left uncopied. Of the Emperorspeacemakers, the last occurrence that we had, was of their sending to the D. of Parma, for 3 Cornets of horse to conduct them to Brussels. I have moved Count Maurice, who is greatly opposite to that Treaty, to cause some companies of horse of that garrison in Berghen and Breda, to lie in waite for their comming, and under pretext of seeking the Enemye, to finde those Ambassadors. The Count hath not only promised to doe it, but hath given order already for 700 horse to be imploied to that purpose. Howbeit it is a matter concealed from the Councel of State, for that he thinkes among many, it may be ether discovered, or through doubtes and delaies, be cleane broken of. Hage 6 November 1591.