Letter ID: 1090
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.252r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1090/008
Date: 03 November 1591
Note: On fol.252r there is the signature 'W.W.'
Copy of: 0352



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer November 3 1591.


Later Addition: Belgia 1591 3 November To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November


May it please your good L. to be advertised, that wheras I was willed by your letters of the 23 of February last, to recommend unto the States the suite of certaine poore creditors of the towne of Flushing, to whom the companies of Captain Wingfield and of Randolphe were indebted, because as I have formerly signified, I had lerned that some good portion of the saide debtes was discharged already by the Magistrats of Flushing, I tooke some time to enquire underhand the particular summes, aswell of that which was first owing, as of that which was disborsed by the towne, and also of the residue that is left as yet unpaied. For I stoode in some doubt, lest the totall summe had bin demanded of her Highhnes. Howbeit I finde that the whole debt at the first was 892li 5shilling 11d The summe of that which was required of her Majestie 687li 6shilling so that there was discharged of the debt 205li 5shilling 5d which is not demaunded. Wherupon understanding that the Deputies of Flushing had obtened letters of her Highnes to the Generall States for the paiment of the remainder, I moved them to come in conference with me, that we might joine in one suite unto the States: which was differred till nowe of late for divers occasions that staied theire comming. The states have alleaged many reasons, to putte the paiment from themselves: which I have endevoured to answear, with as muche to the contrary, as I could thinke upon. But yet to say truly to your L. these affaires were so con- fusedly handled in the L. of Leicesters time, as I cannot by any meanes boult out, by whome the forsaide debt ought of right to be paied. I urged them at first to take some order for discharge of the whole debt: but plainely perceaving that I laboured in vaine, according to that which your L. had willed me in your forsaide letter, I moved them to condiscend to the paiment of some good portion, puttinge them in hope, that the LL. of her Majesties Councell would be moved in compassion, to induce her Highnes to doe somewhat in like mannor for the relief of the parties. Heer upon they agreed among them selves to send unto the Provinces about it: which beinge done more then once hath caused a long delay: but so notwithstanding as at lenght they have resolved to pay the one halfe of that which is dewe, upon condition that her Majestie will vouchsafe to satsifye the remainder. To this effect they have moved me to write in their behalfe, and to signifie the povertie and want of the poor widdowes which are the creditors and to beseeche her Majestie to pitie their estate. &c./