Letter ID: 1089
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.251r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1089/008
Date: 03 November 1591

Endorsed: To the Company of Marchants Adventurers at Middelbourgh November 3 1591.



Later Addition: 1591 3 November To the Marchants Adventurers of Middellburgh

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November

Upon the sight of your letter, which I receaved by this bearer Master Wheeler I have urged your affaires to the General States, to suche effect, as you reque[s] ted. But as their custome is alwaies, they will never yeelde to alter any publicke resolution, with out the privitie and assent of the States of every Province, whome they use to calle their Principals. And this is ever their maner in all the motions of her Majestie of whatsoever qualitie or importance. Which was also the effect of their answear unto me. So as when the time of their recesse is issued, which is the 20 of De[cember] I will not faile to calle upon them a freshe, for some further satisfaction. In the meane season, you shall not neede for these occasions to troble any of your company, but only my selfe, while I tarry in these Contreis, assuring you that not only in this case, but in whatsoever other matter you please to use me, you shall finde me fully as foreward, as my abilitie, or knoweledge, or any meanes that I can worke, may stande you any way in steede. Hage November 3 1591.