Letter ID: 1087
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.240r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1087/008
Date: 29 October 1591
Copy of: 0350



Later Addition: 29 October To my L Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: October

May it please your good L. I am informed from my frindes out of England, that I have purchased displeasure aswell of your L. as of some other of the LL. of her Majesties Councel: which doth growe as they suspect, through the Gouvernor of Ostend. Because I knowe it not assuredly, but only by report, I knowe not how to frame my stile, unto your L. But if I have bin so unhappy, as to incurre your displeasure, about the Gouver- nors affaires, I trust by your letters to be certefied of the cause, and mine answear required: which is all that I will crave with all submission of your L. Whatsoever I have written of those matters of Ostend, it hath bin only to your L. and not any thing to others, which God is witnes to my thought I did for the best, and with a curious endevor, to salve the credit of the Gouvernor, and yet to take some good order for the indemnitie of the Countrey. How I may have erred in the manner of my writing I cannot conjecture, but for the matters advertised you shall not finde me to vary from any point of any letter, that I have written heertofore. And if I adde more unto them, provoked therunto by the unkindnes and practises of the Gouvernor and his frindes, (who doe injure me also otherwise, as I am advertised) the blame must be there owne, that will force me of a frinde, to become an accuser. I will not troble your L. with a multitude of wordes in a matter of this qualitie, till I knowe in some certaintie for what occasion I am touched. But yet I besseeche you of your ever accusto med, and honorable favor to suspend your judgment against me, till you heare in what sorte I can answear for my self. For if I be founde to have written any thinge of Levitie, or malice, or not uppon suche grounde, as all the LL. with out exception shall have cause to approove, I will offer satsifaction to the uttermost point of shame, that the plaintifs can require. And with this my offer in that behalfe, if your L. will vouchesafe to acquaint the rest of the LL. if you thinke it so fitte, I will repute it for a singular addition, to those other great good turnes, for which I am bounde unto your L. Hage. October 29 1591.