Letter ID: 1076
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.216r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1076/008
Date: 19 September 1591
Note: The letter has suffered severe fire damage to the right hand margin.

Endorsed: To Sir Edw. Norreis September 19 1591.



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 19 September To Sir Edward Norris

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591 September

Sir I have wondred as muche, that I never heard from you. Which I knowe not in truth wherto to impute, but that the place where you are doth yeld but littell matter [[.]] my self no changeling unto you, if occasion we[[.]] declare my affection. Of these occasions [[.]] you and the States I have written sundry [[.]] howe my letters were saflye delivered, [[.]] came againe. Howbeit I had written [[.]] that unto one of my letters, you praied m[[.]] concurre with your proceedinges, for that y[[.]] gouvernment, without good warrant from her [[Majesty .]] I understoode, you know I had no reason, to [[.]] But nowe that I am willed by severall letters, [[.]] unto me in her Majesties name, aswell from the LL. of [[the]] Counsell, as by my L. Tresurer, to give you notice of suc[[h .]] pointes, as you are charged withall by the Counsell of [[.]] and to require your answear to every matter, to the end [[I]] might have meanes to stoppe their complaintes, I ha[[ve sent]] yow heere a schedule of the cheifest pointes that I d[[o .]] or can calle to minde presently. For I can not send [[.]] unles I should purposely speake unto the [[.]] not finde convenient for sundrie respectes [[.]] needles. For if you give me good matter, [[.]] in these, there is littell els, to my best re[[.]] shoulde trouble them greatly. In the m[[.]] endeavor hath not wanted, so it shall not [[.]] qualifieng of their humors, which are great [[.]] your self have well perceaved, by their let[[ters .]] But I pray yow yet instruct me thorowly, [[.]] your defence, and doe it as speedely, as you may [[.]] they falle uppon the soddaine to some hard resolution [[.]] downe every thinge in the self same sorte, and forme of [[.]] I imagine they themselves will proceede in their complainte [[.]] seemed by your last, of the 28 of August that Captaine Jax[[.]] receaved somewhat from you, to impart unto me. But he [[.]] the Hage the 4 of this Moneth, and departed the next [[.]] without usinge any conference. &c.