Letter ID: 1074
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.212r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1074/008
Date: 09 September 1591
Note: At the words 'the next day' the script continues perpendicular in the left hand margin.
Copy of: 0339



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer September 9 1591


Later Addition: [Belgia] 1591 9 Septmber To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia 1591: September


May it please your good L. I can not certifie as yet, howe Count Maurice hath spedde in the enterprise of Hulst. For there is nothing yet written to the Councel of state: and I trust yow are informed of some that are present, and may sooner advertise. It is nowe, as we conjecture, that they doe execute their purpose: but our hope at the Hage is muche diminished, for that the Enemie we heare, was forwarned of their comming.

There hath bin lately some treaty between the General states and the Lady of Anholt of the house of Battenbourgh, that her towne of Anholt in the Countie of Zutphen, upon the frontiers towardes Cleveland, which hath alwaies hitherto taken part with the Enemie, might heereafter be permitted to keepe it self neutral. The states at her instance will yelde unto it, upon condition that an other place of strength adjoining to Anholt, and be- longing to the said Lady, which is called Brede- noord, or Breefoort, and steedeth the Enemie more then the other, may hold the same neutrallitie. Whiles this motion is in treaty, above 4 daies agoe, Captaine Lambert with certaine Englishe companies of Duisbourgh, not knowing, as I suppose, what mater was in hand, upon cer- taine intellgence with some their in Garrison /Anholt/, went soddainly thither, scaled the wales, and possessed the towne: which was done with some /the/ losse of some fower of the souldiers. But the towne hath a castel of greater strength, which they cold not enter. fo The next day after that the towne was taken certaigne Englishe men of the better sort /were found missing/ among which were the two brothers of Sir Francis Vere: which were knowen to be [there] when the Alarme was given, but not to be [found] when the towne was taken. This was [[written]] the next day after: but sins I heard no more. The towne was hardly worthe the taking, for that it was full of poore people, and not to be held against the Enemie. And because they had a parle about a neutrallitie, I knowe not what they will resolve, about the keeping or abandoning of it. The Enemie lieth still in his former [places]. But all our advertisments signifie, that he goeth for France the end of this moneth. September 9 1591