Letter ID: 1069
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.197r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1069/008
Date: 23 July 1591



Later Addition: [Belgia] 1591 23 August To Master Bodly

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. August

Sir. I have this xxiijth received your two severall letters the one of the viijth the other of the tenthe: By the first I perceive yowe have been pressed by the Counsell theare, what hir Majestie hath resolved against Sir Edward Norris uppon the Complaintes for Ostend: & thowgh Monsieur de Charon have certified thither, that hir Majesties intention was signified unto yowe in that behalf, that yowe showld require that Commissioners might be chosen on both sides to examin and redresse the Cawses of the Complaintes, but yet yowe write to have received noe such knowledge from hir Majestie nor from mee, which I doe thinke vearie strange, for I am sure I have written soe unto yowe a moneth past, and did declare to yowe the Q. Majesties pleisure, that she wished to have the states to send one of their Commissioners to Ostend, and that Master Guilpin might have joined with the same partie for hir Majestie, which surelie, I did thinke had been putt in Execucion, untill nowe that I perceive by sum miscarrienge of letters, hir Majesties pleisure hath not been imparted unto yowe: And besides this Sir Edward Norris did advertise mee by his letters a moneth past that he would send a Commissarie of that towne or a Burger to the States to declare the trewthe of his Actions, and thearewith to justefie himself of all the Crimes imputed to him, avowinge unto mee on his faith, that he had noe dealinge with the monie theare, growinge of anie thinge done to the States, but that the same was Collected and expended by the Common officers of the States theare: soe as if that had been by him performed as I made assured accompt yt showld have been, this matter would have appeared afore this time, whither he weare Culpaple or noe: And thearefore even with speed at this present I have written lettres unto him vearie sharpelie charginge him not to have done that which he pro- mised mee, and have also renewed unto him hir Majesties former Resolucion Whereof I had also heretofore acquainted him, which was to have the States to send sum one of theirs as a Commissioner, and that Master Guilpin might be sent with him to examin the matters, wherof the States had charged him: and likewise that he showld advertise yow what he had to saie in his owne defence, with such trewthe, as yowe might justefie the same: and so I hope he will, or otherwise I shall with drawe my opinion of him: and further the reformation of anie thinge, whearein he shall be fownd either fawltie or not readie to make amendes./ Your other letters of the xth require noe awnsweare neither yet weare the advertisementes thearein soe freshe, but that I have had more late newes both from Anwerpe and Flusshinge. fol.197v

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. August

In that your later letter the awnsweare of the Viscounte Turenne was grownded uppon good reason, not to carrie abowt the Armie prepare[.] for the Kinge uppon Collor to serve the states torne, by which the French K. enterprise might have been overtaken with the Armie that is levied for the K. of Spaigne in Germanie./ And so havinge noe other thinge to awnsweare yow at this time, I doe send this letter by the waie of Flusshing, thinking theareby, for a nowe certaine cariage, then to send yt to the Haghe or to Arnham./ From the Cort at Chichester this xxiijth of August. 1591. Your verie Loving frend./ William Burghley