Letter ID: 1064
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.189r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1064/008
Date: 31 July 1591
Copy of: 0326



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer July 31. 91.


Later Addition: Belgia. 1591 31 July To my L Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia. 1591: July:


It may please your good L. to be advertised, that after the writing of my last which I sent from Arnham, the 24 of this moneth, I was constrayned, for some urgent occasyon on my private state to make a stepp into the Hage, whertoo the opportunitye did serve mee very fitly. Our army lyeng still, without present apparance of any enterprise towardes, wherby her Majesty might have wanted any parte of my service. Howbeit I am ready to returne, assone as I shall learne, where the Councel will resyde, at theyr next removall. For as they have written to this place, they have certaine intelligence that the Duke of Parma is passed the Maese, with aparte of his force the rest remayning yet at Mouwick a village fast by Grave leaving still in Nieumegen but the ordinary garrison. Wheruppon it is resolved that they will presently in hand with the siege of that Towne. But by reason of much raine; that hath fallen in those quarters, the wael is greatly risen & the transportation of our troupes in the places neere to Arnham is found very difficult. It is therfore thought good to passe over the army fast by Tiel, where the Country is called between Maese & Wael. which is a sure place to encamp & hath all store of provision. There ys certain advertisement, that many of the chiefest inhabitantes of Nieumegen will abandon the towne for feare of our coming, & that some are gon alredy with theyr housholdes & goods. & the Duke yt is thought wilbee forced to retourne to succor the place, or els there is no dout, but we shall cary yt away suddenly. There is also a brute, & supposed to be trew that wee have defeated a company of horse of the Ennemy & taken the Rutmaster prisoner, which was don about Groll in the Country of Zutphen. Verdugo ys retourned towardes Groningen with 200 horse & many promises of furder assistance. It is heer reported by certaine Amsterdam shippes, which come newly out of Spaine that there ys lieng at the Groine a fleet of 40 shippes which are ready to be employed in some present service. At the instant sute of the French K. the statesof these Provinces have yeelded to send him 4 double canons & 4 demy canons. with pouder & bullet so much as may serve for 4000 shott but all is with condition, that it shalbee employed to the siege of Rouen & not otherwise, wherof the K. is to notefy his determinate purpose. There ys a speech that the D. of Parma hath given order to rase the fort of Rees, but wee know yt not assuredly. Having no other matter of any worth [I take] my humble leave. Hage. Julj 31. 91.