Letter ID: 1057
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.176r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1057/008
Date: 11 July 1591
Note: There is a signature 'D.D.' on the middle bottom of 176r.
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Later Addition: Belgia 1591. July.

Later Addition: Belgia 1591 11 July to Master Bodly

After our hartie commendacons. Whereas the Estates generall of the united provinces have written of late a verie sharpe and sowre letter to her Majestie and to us against Sir Edwarde Norreyes Governor of Ostend, chardinge him with takinge (of his owne aucthoritie) theire contrebutions, and that he dothe dyspose at his pleasure of those publicke Revennewes, and graunt Lycences and Savegardes to the villagis towards Flaunders, whereby of his private aucthoritie, he dothe rayse contry- bucion, and dothe furnishe the Ennemy by that meanes of victuelles. Lykewise that he dothe dysobey the commaundementes of the said Estates of whome he receaves the government of the said Towne beinge thereunto bownde by othe, & therefore they doe Require speedie redresse of those thinges, otherwyse they do protest and signifie theire mynde and purpose to remove him from that chardge and government Although Sir Edward Norreys havinge some intelligence of theire conceaved dysplea- sure afore hand, and of late also havinge receaved lyke sharpe lettres from the States hathe by his letters assured us, of the untrueth of this chardge and accusacion, And for his better excuse and Justyfynge, hathe sent unto them from Ostend a Com- myssarie of theire owne, to satysfie them in all these pointes. Nevertheles her Majesties pleasure ys (for the further Justyficacion and cleeringe of the gent) that you shall lett the States generall understand of his avowinge that these are but untruthes wherewith he ys chardged, And that those contrybucions which Sir Edward ys chardged to have receaved, came not to his handes, but beinge suche as were appointed for the fortyfynge of the Towne and maintenance of necessary reparacions of the Breaches against the Sea, were receaved by suche as are appointed officers for that purpose and employed for by theire directions to so needfull a use. And wher they find them selves agreved that he hathe not sent suche companies unto them as they have required, he could not parforme theire Request at the tyme required, putting the Towne thereby in danger beinge a place that was greatlie threatned by the Ennemy, and yet so late he hathe retorned suche as was extraordynarilie of late sent to him, when he feared the accesse of the Ennemy. Therefore yf they shall not rest satysfied with the answeres of Sir Edward Norreyes now at the comynge of the said Commyssary, yow maie move them (for the better satysfaction of those matters) to sende some one appointed by them, with whome Master Gilpin maie also be sent (as directed from thence) and they two together, maie examine indyfferentlie and particulerlie those matters wherewith Sir Edward standes chardged. Uppon whose reporte (wee hope, the Estates shalbe so satysfied with the proceedinge of the gent, as they will continewe that wonted favor, and good will towardes him, which hetherto they have borne unto him. And because you maie be the better hable, to answere all the objections, and matters they have to cha[[rdge]] him fol.176v

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. July.

Endorsed: William Waad

withall, you shall by vertue hereof sende to Sir Edwarde Norreyes to be particulerly enformed of him of all these pointes, which wee leave to your dyscrecion, so to handle this matter, as maie best serve for the furtheraunce of her Majesties service, and cleeringe of the gentleman, beinge not unknowne unto you that this theire conceaved dyspleasure and quarrell dothe Springe from some other Roote, As wee doubt not but you can well dyscerne that the Estates of Zeland are verie lothe to see the Towne of Ostende to growe to anie assurance, to have Trade either of Fyshinge, or Mar- chandize. So wee bid you verie artily farewell. From the Court at Greenewhich the 11th of July 1591 Your verie lovinge freindes William Burghley H Derby Charles Howard Hunnsdon Cobham Buckhurst John Wolley Fortescue