Letter ID: 1049
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.162r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1049/008
Date: 06 June 1591

Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer June 6 1591



Later Addition: Belgia. 1591 6 June To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: June:

May it please your good L. the bearer hereof John [Marshe], having served a long time in these contreys was taken prisoner by the Ennemy about 15 weekes past & brought presently to Bolduc, & from thense to Bruxels & last of all to Anwerpe. In the time of his imprisonment hee had conference in Bruxels with one John Dannport a cheshir gentleman, & a pensioner for the K. of Spaine. Who seeming to bee weary of the Kinges service, & desirous to forsake the company of the English fugitives discovered his minde to this bearer & willed him with /out/ all delay to repaire into England & there notifie speedely, that there were certain Englishmen in Bruxels which had a mischievous practise in hand upon her Majesties shippes. for the effecting wherof they had sent certain mariners into England appareled like Burgers which were addressed to a dutch mans house in St Katherins neer to the Towre, who bestoweth them in service in the foresaid shippes, with instruction to watche an opportunity to sett them on fire. The truthe hereof I know no otherwise but by his owne report, who as far as I can parceave hath no other proofe nor conjecture, but by the speeches of John Dannport. Which also I know not how truly he avoucheth. Nevertheles because he offreth of himself to make this voyage, requiring nothing of mee but to give him meanes by a lettre unto your L. or some other of my LL. to have accesse I thought to write thus much by him & to signify heer unto him, that if by his travell & service the parties bee descried hee will be well rewarded, otherwise I could make him no promise, nor he might not build upon it, for his onely good will & this bare declaration to receave any recompense & Thus &c. June 6 1591.